curiousfun2025 33 M
6 Articles
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How Long   2/12/2018

How long until you start experimenting after dating?

3 Comments, 9 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
looking   11/8/2017

looking for someone that has experience and like to meet woman always quizzing you about everything that they think of you negetive they want to see if you pass there quiz. they see everything as a challenge and want to see what they could see different about you from other men. they want to see the special something in you.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
Masochist   11/6/2017

I am new to Alt, but not new to BDSM, but I prefer the SM, yes I am a masochist, I love pain the same as others love chocolate. What to Dominants like to see in a maso, do sadist enjoy inflicting pain like a maso likes to receive it. You would think it would be easy to find the missing piece to ones life, but I feel whilst people say their sadistic when it comes to the pointy end they really ...

2 Comments, 15 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
Trem17 21 F
1 Article
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Doms...   7/17/2017

I am new to this site and BDSM. I am very curious about the Dom/Sub format. I fit in the Sub section and want to know what all that involves. A certain question I want to know about is 'What do Doms look for in their Subs?' I know not everyone is interested in the same things but what are the main characteristics you look for?

8 Comments, 54 Views, 18 Votes ,6.26 Score
salesman58 60 M
11 Articles
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Outdoor fun   4/13/2017

This time of year starts the mind seeking new places for outdoor adventures, what is your favorite outdoor place for sex?

1) The woods

2) The beach

3) The backyard

4) Alley behind the dumpster

5) The pool

6) Somewhere else? Let us know where.

14 Comments, 44 Views, 12 Votes ,5.80 Score
salesman58 60 M
11 Articles
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So, will you...   12/14/2015

1) Grope your date on first meeting? 2) Flash your date a special body part? 3) Tease your date by some naughty talk? 4) Be the perfect Gentleman or Lady? 5) Totally devour them on your date? 6) Fuck & suck on first date?

11 Comments, 116 Views, 19 Votes ,5.37 Score
MissLoveParty1 36 F
18 Articles
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Dating   3/20/2015

If you are dating someone, what are some signs that your partner views the relationship as just between the two of you and doesn't want you to date other people? If your lover says he doesn't care but acts jealous, how would you address it? At what point would you consider dating someone exclusively?

16 Comments, 165 Views, 40 Votes ,4.67 Score
cheating   5/9/2010

If your lover cheated on you, what would you do? Would you cheat back and tell to get even, or would you just break up with your lover?

24 Comments, 140 Views, 22 Votes ,3.49 Score
Hips dont lie   5/9/2010

You meet a girl in a bar, buy her a few drinks then have sex with her. You bring her home, and her mom tells you that the girl is seventeen. Should you be held accountable for everything that happened, even though you didn't know her age?

12 Comments, 164 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
Booze   5/9/2010

if you can enlist for the army at seventeen and fight in a war, should you still be forced to wait until you're twenty one before you can legally drink alcohol?

8 Comments, 45 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
Next door neighbor   5/9/2010

Would you sleep with your next door neighbor if she's super hot, but her husband's built like a body builder?

4 Comments, 50 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
MFM   5/9/2010

Would you go a MFM if you're straight and the other male is bi curious?

9 Comments, 86 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
alternative lifestyle   5/8/2010

would you date someone who's traditional in bed and refuses to go outside the box when it comes to the secret things you like.

14 Comments, 77 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
building a relationship   5/8/2010

How do explain to you new lover why your ex still has his things in your home, long after you've been broken up.

0 Comments, 13 Views, 1 Votes
dating quiz   5/8/2010

If a lover has a twin, you would try to have sex with her knowing she wasn't your lover?

2 Comments, 22 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
dating quiz   5/8/2010

Would you have sex with your lover's sister, even if she's the one doing the seducing?

1 Comments, 14 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
dating quiz   5/8/2010

How long should you wait after a major break up to begin dating again?

0 Comments, 14 Views, 1 Votes
fakes   4/20/2010

So I have a simple question. Why do people say they will meet with you after lying about who they are knowing full well you will find out they are lying when you meet?

12 Comments, 69 Views, 6 Votes ,3.37 Score
To the Ladies: Penis Size Question   2/3/2009

If you could choose just one, would you rather: have a cock that is average length, but thicker than average; or one that is longer in length, but thinner than average?

24 Comments, 323 Views, 18 Votes ,1.35 Score
When you can't get it at home. . .   5/31/2008

Married for seven years and never once had an orgasm. Whose fault is it? His or hers? Should you try to find it elsewhere or just make do with a toy to get off?

27 Comments, 253 Views, 20 Votes ,3.38 Score
JaxFLBlak 36 M
10 Articles
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How to say I love you   7/10/2007

1) Think about when and where you want to tell him. Is there a special place you want to be? For example, you might want to tell him at the restaurant where you went on your first date, or on the two-month or nine-month anniversary of your first date.

2) Look at him directly, take his hand and tell him how positive you feel about him. Give him examples of things about him you ...

5 Comments, 59 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
redbummmm 49 F
8 Articles
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Favorite color of clothing to see on your date?   5/27/2007

Men: what is your favorite color of clothing to see on a woman you are with or dating? Women: What is the favorite color of clothing you like to see on a guy you are dating? All others: What color makes you take notice of your date?

62 Comments, 580 Views, 42 Votes ,5.16 Score
master_pharoh 44 C
24 Articles
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True to Whom?   3/30/2007

There are 2 different sects out there; those that believe there is a trueness to themselves and what they do and those that believe that trueness is a state of mind.
Those that believe they are practicing true D/s and BDSM almost always say that what they do is right and if you deviate even a little, then you are doing it wrong. You find it a lot of the time on online groups and mailing ...

5 Comments, 76 Views, 8 Votes ,5.80 Score
cccc04 39 C
3 Articles
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are you still sure   2/16/2007

have you ever given up on someone to later catch up with them only to find out they are just what you would love to have as a partner if so do you wish you had off just put up with it for a bit longer now

16 Comments, 239 Views, 18 Votes ,3.67 Score
the test   1/14/2007

i have put my partners through tests without them realizing i was testing them. i have caught 2 cheating on me without ever catching them in the bed together. People ask me how i do it. i simply tell them you have to be smarter then the bullsh*tter. The last one i caught was via text message by acting like the person he was cheating on me with. i was on her phone and he sent an obscene text ...

13 Comments, 685 Views, 45 Votes ,3.16 Score
master_pharoh 44 C
24 Articles
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I got a mail..... It sucked me down   1/13/2007

In Egypt, it is possible to chat online with a slave, say for a month and as everything progresses well in the manner you wish, all of a sudden everything is collapsed through receiving such a crap. I would love to share with you how do BDSMers suffer in this part of the world......................... In leather..... Master Pharoh

"Good Morning...sorry for not calling ...

8 Comments, 541 Views, 14 Votes ,3.30 Score
Gagonme86 32 M
10 Articles
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Cheating   10/29/2006

Your other half admits to cheating , is sorry , and promises he wont ever stray again
is he/she worthy of a second chance ???

37 Comments, 329 Views, 26 Votes ,4.00 Score
Gagonme86 32 M
10 Articles
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Sex On A first date   10/29/2006

Wrong or right

26 Comments, 382 Views, 21 Votes ,3.13 Score
longlicker5 58 M
4 Articles
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Double date?   10/6/2006

I once arranged to meet two women, unfortunetely I made the date with them both-same place-same night, we all met and it was embarrasing at first-but you've guessed it-we all got on great-and ended up having a wonderful night!

3 Comments, 387 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
How many fingers? And what about Fisting?   10/5/2006

What's the most number of fingers you had in your pussy or ass?
And all you fisters out there-How long did it take you to work yourself up to that?
And what about ass fisting-anybody fitting a whole fist up there?

26 Comments, 756 Views, 27 Votes ,3.98 Score
Mstrshelby69 48 M
9 Articles
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To female squirters   9/19/2006

Once you've had a squirting orgasm, is a normal one less intense? The same? If you could have one type the rest of your life which would it be?

13 Comments, 252 Views, 12 Votes ,3.86 Score
Mstrshelby69 48 M
9 Articles
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Panties/Lingerie or Nude?   9/17/2006

Would like to know what most find more erotic, a woman in Panties/Lingerie or completely nude?

21 Comments, 254 Views, 14 Votes ,5.70 Score
greatmindhotbod2 56 F
2 Articles
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That smell   8/30/2006

Have you ever smelled another woman's pussy on your man's face or cock?
If yes, what did you do and how did He react?

9 Comments, 438 Views, 17 Votes ,4.40 Score
Would you sleep with a platonic friend if...   7/11/2006

Ladies, would you sleep with a platonic friend if you inadvertently discovered one of the following:
1. He was well endowed
2. He was wealthier than you thought
3. He was into BDSM

16 Comments, 302 Views, 24 Votes ,4.15 Score
mastetom 61 M
3 Articles
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trimmed, shaved or natural?   7/9/2006

body hair is a normal item and used to be associated with the comming of puberty. now so many shave their genital area that it isnt even a point to think about anymore. i feel that a shaved genital area leaves nothing to the imagination and isnt the way to greet your new mate. granted this is a option that each individual has but if you really want to impress your new partner, wait and ...

37 Comments, 435 Views, 24 Votes ,1.54 Score
Once You've Had Big, Can You Go Back?   7/2/2006

If you've received a big cock, do you have trouble readjusting to average sized ones in future encounters?

23 Comments, 580 Views, 20 Votes ,5.29 Score
blackasianthai 44 T
2 Articles
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I'm transgendered and will admit at times to my bi curiousity. however, i am most attracted to men(gay). i recognize that there are all kinds of people in this world, but it seems to me that most are actually "bi curious"! what do you all think, with no offense to anyone?

31 Comments, 743 Views, 57 Votes ,6.81 Score
What makes a cock good looking?   6/11/2006

For those who love the cock, what makes for a good looking penis? Is it purely a size thing or do things like circumsized-uncircumsized, veins, erection angle etc. make a difference? What do y'all like in a cock?

15 Comments, 350 Views, 10 Votes ,2.79 Score
SkyyNET2 36 M
1 Article
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Left or Right?   5/3/2006

Which breast do you go for first?

32 Comments, 272 Views, 25 Votes ,2.36 Score
Dont worry, If you kiss me I wont turn into a frog.   4/4/2006

The first Date, or meeting, is an exchange of allot of information, our sensors are on high scanning for and keeping track of all the positive and negative information. Yes there has to be some kind of attraction (not meaning just someones looks), going deeper walking in the door and looking around, not just pressing your nose to the window. Honesty....Thats the key to all of this, just ...

6 Comments, 178 Views, 22 Votes ,7.33 Score
maddtitts 38 F
3 Articles
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TILL YOU CUM OR   2/16/2006

If you jump into bed with a lover, and he just is not doing things the right way, like fucking you the way you like, and going down on your pussy for a very good time, do you tell him that that he is not doing it right and hurt his feelings, or do you just fake the fucking orgasm to spare his feelings? And for the men, do you even know when a woman is faking it with you in the heat of ...

44 Comments, 813 Views, 59 Votes ,4.96 Score
2 Articles
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5 Comments, 166 Views, 17 Votes ,1.43 Score
bdsmnn 47 M
18 Articles
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yes   1/8/2006


10 Comments, 230 Views, 18 Votes ,1.76 Score
deluxelp 52 M
5 Articles
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A kiss..   12/29/2005

A woman recently told me that the first kiss tells her everything about where a relationship is going to go.. is this true? I personally take a lot of other things physically and mentally into account on this.. but maybe that is just me...

19 Comments, 315 Views, 22 Votes ,3.25 Score
bound_slutofpain 50 F
4 Articles
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Toy Names...   12/22/2005

i'm not sure if this is the right category for this question, but.... *How many of y/You out there have toys... and do any of them have names? If so, what are the toys and their names? i am curious because Sir has a lovely flogger(Tinkerbell!)....

14 Comments, 536 Views, 32 Votes ,4.65 Score
young female sub,little experience   12/2/2005

Hi all... I am a 22 year old female submissive, well...switch really. However i am generally submissive, looking for a dominant male. I was 17 when i had my first session, But i have not had the chance to get much experirnce since then, except for lovers i've had, that have had a lack of interest in the Scene...but tried things "just cause i wanted him to", meaning he got no pleasure ...

4 Comments, 397 Views, 28 Votes ,4.37 Score
advice plz   11/21/2005

My girlfrien wants me to drink her piss. Should i? I can't consider.

21 Comments, 558 Views, 26 Votes ,2.38 Score
shay1725 50 F
3 Articles
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It matters to me...   11/8/2005

I like to be wined and dined...I like to be taken out on an official date. I take much care and concern with my appearance down to every single hair (or lack of) on my body. With that said, it impresses me a lot if a man knows how to reserve the right place. Sorry "The Cheesecake Factory" or "TGI-Fridays" or any other chain restuarant will not suffice. <br> Does it have to be ...

10 Comments, 395 Views, 40 Votes ,2.20 Score
tommie84 33 M
3 Articles
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spit or swallow   10/4/2005

hi all i am goin to try suckin a dick should i swallow, spit, or let him nut in my face like in xxx movies so please give a respone and tell me why u think that is the correct way thanks

33 Comments, 832 Views, 36 Votes ,5.22 Score
Marcos1130 42 M
4 Articles
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Sex Quiz   10/4/2005

1. Have you had it? <br> 2. You like it? <br> 3. How many people have you had sex with? <br> 4. When was the first time you did it? <br> <br> 5. When was the last time you did it? <br> 6. Do you like to give oral? <br> 7. Do you like to swallow or spit? <br> 8. Have you received oral while driving? <br> ...

8 Comments, 546 Views, 44 Votes ,6.43 Score
madtits 38 F
38 Articles
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BRALESS BABES   10/3/2005

Do you think bras are sexy, particularly on older women? Would you be uncomfortable if your forty-plus year old significant other decided to go braless? —

33 Comments, 702 Views, 42 Votes ,6.24 Score
madtits 38 F
38 Articles
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jealousy how many of you have them?   9/23/2005

"Sure, at the very beginning of a new relationship a little bit of jealousy from the one you desire is very flattering. But what happens when it moves beyond that?

10 Comments, 265 Views, 22 Votes ,4.09 Score
Well-endowed or Not(Ladies)   9/18/2005

Just for the ladies...its confusing to know what and how y'all like it.Really..being do you like for a man to be for you?

15 Comments, 481 Views, 12 Votes ,1.21 Score
macroDUDE 41 M
2 Articles
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Pop Quiz!   9/3/2005

How many times should you see a girl b4 it is ok to ask for anal sex?

17 Comments, 491 Views, 23 Votes ,3.13 Score
madtits 38 F
38 Articles
Score 0.0
WILLING WOMAN   8/17/2005

For the ladies (I already know guys' answers): What makes you willing? What flips the switch in your head to say 'I do not want to go to bed with this person' to 'let us go have wild monkey sex and make the beast with two backs.'

9 Comments, 532 Views, 17 Votes ,4.82 Score
madtits 38 F
38 Articles
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UNCUT   8/10/2005

I read somewhere of Circumcision, and felt the need to ask you folks here, maybe it has been asked before, but please forgive with my ignorance. <br> <br> I have to believe that Circumcision builds a man character. If he survive getting the end of his penis chopped off, he can survive almost anything. Ok I've got a few questions for woman. Do you prefer ...

19 Comments, 547 Views, 21 Votes ,2.01 Score
sweetsmiles1_4u 33 F
5 Articles
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do we really trust the people on this website?   8/5/2005

do we really trust the people on this website? they could have aids or some thing ..does that scare you

15 Comments, 451 Views, 31 Votes ,2.95 Score
madtits 38 F
38 Articles
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Shaving men the right way   7/11/2005

There are men/women today who love to shave their genital areas, I find that to be very sexy, and clean too. are there men/women who prefer to be with other shaved parthners in bed, or doesnt that bother you?

44 Comments, 763 Views, 47 Votes ,6.61 Score
Dalegirl 67 T
1 Article
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The Erotic Art of Exhibitionism--   6/18/2005

The incredibly exciting and erotic feelings and thoughts that can be created with 'radical' exhibitionism are what my dreams are made of. I have always been this way and it just gets stronger and better as time goes by. Our site does not have a specific 'category' of fetish that deals with this powerful urge---most all the categories have it included, and I know most of us are ...

6 Comments, 306 Views, 22 Votes ,4.81 Score
To Shave or Not to Shave?   5/17/2005

For many years in my life, I never knew women shaved their pussies. I began to see shaved pussies in X-rated movies, and then in the last 20 years or so I realized more women were shaving their pussies. I have often wanted to approach strangers and ask if they shave their pussies or not, if for no other reason than the shock value. Perhaps I will go to a busy mall and take a survey ... ...

20 Comments, 717 Views, 32 Votes ,4.36 Score
93 Articles
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SANTA[DATELINE]JOHN.RITTER.EXPLAINS: 1:Use your hands on my daughter and lose them later. 2:You make her cry. I make you cryi. 3:Safe sex is a myth. Anything you try will be hazardous to yourhealth. 4:Bring her home late, there's no next date. 5nly delivery men honk. Dates ring the doorbell. Once. ...

11 Comments, 495 Views, 57 Votes ,4.78 Score
Times you've met people in person??   1/22/2005

How many times have you met people from this site in person?? <br> <br> How did they turn out??

32 Comments, 927 Views, 38 Votes ,3.65 Score
93 Articles
Score 0.0

SANTA;[DATE-LINE](p.o.'s-"Q_&_A") Q've been dating this guy, and I told him that I wouldn"t sleep with him until I felt confident about our relationship. He seemed to respect that and we had a only kissing, no feeling-up(you know a frustrating to me platonic try out for 2 months) He finally said that he loved me and foolishly I hopped into bed. After that I barely see him at a ...

0 Comments, 125 Views, 16 Votes ,2.10 Score
Improvements to ALTs Search engine   12/30/2004

Do you feel it a good idea to change or improve the search parameters of the search engine on ALT? 1. Add the boxes to highlight in the areas of interest; LTR/Long-term Relationship. Reason: Some are actually in this to find a significant other to share these interests and fetishes with 1st, then maybe, "plays well with others" <br> 2. Give Bonus Points to members that ...

4 Comments, 157 Views, 23 Votes ,3.95 Score
trek4u69 70 M
23 Articles
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Dating with out expectations.   12/8/2004

It is unwise and inapporiate to consider first date's with expectations. You'll always be disapointed. If the dating continues after the first date. Expectations should warrent the same consideration. Your dating because you like the person. Establishing realitive interest, comfort levels, shared desire, and trust. Although dating made lead to more serious things. Dating is just ...

9 Comments, 230 Views, 49 Votes ,3.91 Score
kissed the wrong woman   9/24/2004

I kissed a woman who I should not have becouse I wasn't really attracted to her, but had an urge. That got her all excited and I had to turn her away after she wanted to go to the next level. I feel bad about getting her hopes up becouse of my own lack of self-control, but it could have gone a lot further

7 Comments, 221 Views, 67 Votes ,4.18 Score
Rosebudnbloom03 40 F
5 Articles
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ON the first meeting?   9/20/2004

Do you jump into bed from the first meeting? <br> Some seem to do just that on these sites. I meet people who talk about their expereinces and they bearly have 5 minutes of chit chat before the clothes go flying and bodies start to move. <br> Is it safe? <br> Not always. <br> So, do you jump into things right away? <br> You know the drill ...

31 Comments, 566 Views, 114 Votes ,5.18 Score
littlblondewhore 51 F
7 Articles
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How far do you go on the first date   8/24/2004

I've had a mixed bag of results with this one. I've played the good girl and sometimes it works, soemtimes it doesn't. <br> <br> I've played the bad girl and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. <br> <br> The bad girl is fun, the good girl uses her vibrator. <br> <br> I just got in from a daytime date to the zoo. The ...

12 Comments, 547 Views, 159 Votes ,4.80 Score
littlblondewhore 51 F
7 Articles
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How many have met someone who just plain lied   8/23/2004

How many of you have tried to hook up and met someone who just lied to you?

27 Comments, 465 Views, 91 Votes ,7.85 Score
masters_cyn 59 F
3 Articles
Score 0.0
Re Coffee dates are the best   8/16/2004

I had been chatting in a group on line for some time and was friendly with a male sub. I am not in to male subs but I could relate to him and I am generally not rude. One night he asked me out for coffee, I turned him down and he asked, What was wrong with two friends meeting over a coffee? I was home alone that evening and thought, how much trouble could a passive sub be in a public ...

2 Comments, 216 Views, 91 Votes ,8.19 Score
coffee dates are the best   8/4/2004 meet the person or persons you may want to have sex with. A neutral safe area. I have encountered many a persons who are not what they write on alt. Has anyone else meet the most awful people and glad you meet at a coffee place instead of their place? Excellent if you have , Good is you have not

3 Comments, 136 Views, 78 Votes ,8.60 Score
meltrix 48 M
5 Articles
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Which type of submissive are you?   7/27/2004

Imagine you are a live-in slave, serving your ideal dominant. What would your life be like? Choose the answer that most closely fits your dream. <br> 1. At 6 a.m. I am suddenly awakened by… a. Master’s bell b. Master’s hand stroking me c. The alarm clock d. The wake-up call e. Master’s swift boot <br> 2. It’s time to get dressed. I put on… a. My ...

24 Comments, 780 Views, 205 Votes ,6.64 Score
lil_sub_kitten 33 F
4 Articles
Score 0.0
Are They a HNG?   6/28/2004

if you go into the part where people have viewed You Youll most likely see a whole mess of Ppeople. but how d you know whos real and whos a player? i have provided a way for you t decide. <br> 1. does He/She ask about sex more than once an hour? <br> 2. is the first thing the say or ask sexualy oriented? <br> 3. do they constantly bombard you with winks ...

2 Comments, 305 Views, 157 Votes ,4.49 Score
RE: Who's that person   5/24/2004

Who's that person? Perhaps the better question is; "Who's this person?". Maybe I'm the fat, ugly farting person with nothing better to do than sit in front of a monitor and play with my wolly. (What's a wolly?) Maybe you are the same person or, at least, a person with similar problems. However, I like to think that the person on the other end of my 'puter is simply like I really am. A ...

2 Comments, 140 Views, 163 Votes ,7.55 Score
Sex or Friendship?   5/6/2004

I wonder if most people here are for sex or friendship, and if friendship least to sex then yey. <br> Vote according to how you agree with your intensions being sex for joining this site. <br> Thanks, <br> <br> ML

17 Comments, 189 Views, 324 Votes ,6.50 Score
What you read is what you get   4/10/2004

Simply yes or no to seven easy questions for members <br> 1) Honesty of profile description is a plus YES NO 2) Willingness to share additional personal information enhances relationship YES NO 3) Pictures are an intrical part YES NO 4) Phone contact is important YES NO 5) Distance in relation to meeting is ...

7 Comments, 269 Views, 265 Votes ,7.36 Score
Online 'Dating' - how often do you really meet someone?   2/16/2004

When you post a profile and/or answer ads online, how often do you really follow through and meet the person? <br> - Always <br> - As often as possible <br> - Occasionally, if the person is interesting or compatible <br> - Rarely, I'm picky <br> - Never, I just lead people on <br> - Never, I don't intend to and I make ...

8 Comments, 189 Views, 375 Votes ,6.94 Score
Dating   1/31/2004

1. What is your birth given first and last name? 2. Do you speak english? 3. Do you live on your own or with a roommate? State how many if applies. 4. Do you own or rent an apartment or house? 5. Do you own your own car? Is it in working condition and visibly appealing (not a jalopy)? 6. What kind of specialized training or education do you have? 7. Are you currently employed? ...

0 Comments, 105 Views, 254 Votes ,4.30 Score
petitscorpion 37 F
2 Articles
Score 0.0
who's that One   1/8/2004

who knows everything, to wich i am thinking everytime, who has the Power, and can see everywhere, who will stay without a face and unknown everytime ? - - - - you don't guess ? His rages are very well known from everytime.. but He becomes quiet and can be washing and cleaning your feet everywhere - - - He always request LOVE ! His punishion was the worse ? He accepted, ...

3 Comments, 183 Views, 462 Votes ,1.27 Score
mistress_blanca 40 F
2 Articles
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whos that person?   12/7/2003

who is that fat person who sits there all day, with the big bulky glasses and hair on their tounge? <br> who is that stinky, smelly, farting person who eats chips all day in front of the modem who drinks beer and plays with their wolly? <br> who is that psycho who likes watching porno all day on the computer and then acts like their the best person in the world? ...

4 Comments, 287 Views, 600 Votes ,3.33 Score