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Rules for a slave
Posted:Jun 19, 2017 8:16 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2017 2:1 am

Rules for Mistress Slave
1 Slave should be naked chained chastised, plugged and gagged always when in Mistress house or that of her friends
2 All male clothes will be disposed of, when clothes are required they will be women’s and full undergarments will be worn to include bra, panties, girdle, camisole top, panty hose and women’s sandals
3 Slaves finger nails will be acrylic and painted with a pinkish clear coat, slaves toes shall be kept long and French
4. Slaves gag will be of a penis type wrapped with the panties Mistress wore the day before
5. Gag would only be removed for
A. Food
B To take Mistress or her friends golden nectar
C. Worship Mistress Feet or Mistress Friends feet
D. Change Mistress or her friends Tampon/Feminine Napkin
6. When out in public with Mistress or with Mistress and her friends the slave will
A. Be in Chastity such as a full steel chastity belt
B. Be plugged
C. Insure that he always has one or two spare tampons and maxi pads should Mistress or one of
Friend’s need it
D. If Mistress needs to use the restroom while in public the slave shall accompany her and wait at the door for her
E. If Mistress is having her period and Mistress is in a public place and needs to change her pad/tampon slave will stand outside the restroom door, hand Mistress a pad/tampon before she enters and wait for Mistress by the door. Mistress used tampon/pad will be placed in a bag and slave will put it in slaves purse as a constant reminder of slaves status. Slave will wear a red string or ribbon on (h)er wrist to indicate that Mistress is having her period
7. When slave goes out in public with Mistress, slave will wear makeup
8. If Mistress is shoe shopping slave will remove her shoes and place the new shoe on her feet, kissing her feet each time as a sign of submission

9. If Mistress does yoga/ platies/ballet, slave will also take yoga/plates/ballet dressed in a full unitard that shows slaves chastity device. Slave will remove Mistress Street shoes and kiss her feet before class and after class as a sign of service and then place her street shoes on and walk two steps behind her carrying her mat, bag etc.

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