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Look into the raunchy minds of frequent forum posters as they reveal their sexy secrets. From the horny housewife with secret anal fantasies, to the young stud whispering of his cuckolding of his boss with his boss’s slutty older wife, to the most outrageous ass fetishes of gangbangs and bisexuals, we have it here. You can post your own erotic swinger group and catch the attention of someone who may turn out to the next chapter in your ongoing saga of seduction.

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Forum Name Last Posted On
Advice (5223 Posts)
Love advice, relationship advice, this is the topic for you.
Age Players (2099 Posts)
For groups about age play, daddy/mommy/baby roles, and the emotional and theruptic aspects.
Anal Sex (1953 Posts)
For groups about anal sex, rimming, butplugs, anal toys or any other sort of anal adventures.
Asphyxiation/Breath Players (176 Posts)
Groups about erotic breathing control.
Ass Fetish (532 Posts)
For those fascinated by the beauty of the ass.
Automobiles (125 Posts)
The spot for groups about sports cars, classic buggies and everything inbetween.
BBW (649 Posts)
Big Beautiful Women--the place for curvy women and the people who love them.
BDSM Friendly Businesses (533 Posts)
The place to give a shout out to businesses that treat the BDSM community with respect.
BDSM Supplies (222 Posts)
Advice, suggestions, and ideas on bdsm supplies that can be purchased or built at home.
Bisexuals (1474 Posts)
Groups for people who enjoy sex with both men and women.
Blogging (15327 Posts)
Groups for Bloggers to trade ideas with fellow Bloggers and discuss the future of the Blogosphere.
Body Piercing (215 Posts)
Needles, earrings, and studs of all types are found in this group topic.
Books/Magazines (278 Posts)
For readers, writers, publishers, and artists to discuss their favorite media.
Branding (94 Posts)
For groups about burning patterns into skin, permanant marks, and the safety issues involved.
Cities & Neighborhoods (447 Posts)
Get to know your neighbor through these groups about specific cities and neighborhoods.
Collars/collaring (435 Posts)
Discussions about collars, etiquette, behavior, training, and styles.
Commitment Ceremonies (138 Posts)
This topic covers collaring ceremonies and handfastings to gigantic weddings with all the trimmings.
Computers & Internet (277 Posts)
Groups focused on technology, computers, Internet advances and all thing Web related.
Cooking (153 Posts)
From gourmet meals to campfire grub, Cooking is the place for food and how to prepare it.
Corsetry (202 Posts)
Groups about corset training, sewing and creation, corset photography, and the beauty of the corset.
Cunnilingus (459 Posts)
Oral sex, dental dams, and sex techniques.
Dominatrix (1785 Posts)
Worship, discussions, and tips on how to interact with your favorite Professional Dominant Women.
Dommes (2445 Posts)
Groups for Dominant women to compare notes, discuss training techniques, and interact with others of their station.
Doms (1681 Posts)
Groups for Dominant men to compare notes, discuss training techniques, and interact with others of their station.
Dungeon Monitors (42 Posts)
Training, responsiblity, and safety tips and ideas for those people who keep our Dungeons safe and sane.
Dungeons (340 Posts)
Public and private play spaces, behavior guidelines, building tips, and bragging rights about Dungeons.
Edge Players (369 Posts)
BDSM or sexual play that is on the edge of safe, sane and consensual, safeword debates, and all play considered dangerous.
Education/Schools/Alumni (221 Posts)
Find old friends and make new ones through groups about your schools.
Electrical Play (125 Posts)
Groups discussing Tens Units, violet wands, sparklers, safety, supplies and all things electrical.
Entertainment (2641 Posts)
Fans of all types can be found sharing the gossip on their favorite show, actor, or performer.
Erotic Art (975 Posts)
Photographers, models, and those who love collecting erotic artwork.
Erotic Fiction (4851 Posts)
For writers and readers of amateur and professional erotic fiction.
Exhibitionism (1155 Posts)
For those who like to display their bodies or perform sexual acts in front of others. What.s fun, what.s safe, and legal issues involved.
Fantasy (728 Posts)
Groups for people who fantasize about and forced sex, role play suggestions, and personal stories.
Fellatio (382 Posts)
Covers everything involving a mouth on a male member--blowjobs, tea-bagging, swallowing, use of condoms, and safety concerns.
Flogging (206 Posts)
From stroke technique to the merits of different floggers, warmup suggestions, safety, and advice about flogging.
Foot Fetish (293 Posts)
For groups to discuss images, foot care, nail painting, foot smelling, oral contact with feet, and foot/genital contact.
Furries (129 Posts)
Groups for people who who relate strongly toanthropomorphic characters, enjoy dressing up as animals, or get a sexual trill from animalistic bodies.
Games (268 Posts)
All types of games, including computer games, table-top role-playing games, board games, social games, and solitary games.
Gay/Lesbian (783 Posts)
Gay/Lesbian political issues, social groups, gay friends and/or family, parenting/children, resources, discussions, dating and sex.
Gorin Masters/Kajira (150 Posts)
Groups for Gorean Masters, kajiras, Free Women, Panther Women, and subjects about the Books of Gor.
Government & Politics (578 Posts)
Covers the spectrum of political topics, including regional, national and international politics, human rights, public policy, political candidates and officials, voting, political commentary and humor.
Hair Bondage (44 Posts)
Groups about the use of hair in immobilization, decorative bondage, techniques, and images.
Forum Name Last Posted On
Health Issues (260 Posts)
For groups interested in sexual and non-sexual health topics, medical insurance, malpractice, and medical breakthroughs.
Humiliation (1501 Posts)
Groups about techniques, humilation stories,and suggestions for play ideas.
Latex (318 Posts)
For groups who love latex clothing, toys, condoms, and who thank Charles Goodyear for inventing vulcanized rubber.
Leather (123 Posts)
This is the place for those who love the feel and smell of leather clothes, furniture, and toys.
Masochists (489 Posts)
This topic is for people who like to recive pain and all the ways to receive it.
Medical Play (208 Posts)
For groups interested in doctor or nurse sexual role-play.
Models/Photographers (354 Posts)
For groups interested in photography, images, famous models and those who want to be a model.
Money (171 Posts)
This topic covers personal finance, investing, and finding your pot of gold.
Munches (119 Posts)
Lists of Munches and places to meet local BDSM groups.
Music (601 Posts)
For groups who love to listen to or play any kind of music, recording artists, struggling musicians, and groupies.
Other (4806 Posts)
For all other topics not found on this list.
Parents (133 Posts)
A topic for those with children (or one on the way) to discuss development, education, discipline problems, childhood health, pregnancy, and the joys and trials of raising a kid.
Phone Sex (105 Posts)
For groups who love to whisper their fantasies over the phone.
Plushies (16 Posts)
Groups discussing modification of stuffed animals for sexual purposes, showing off your plushies, fursuits, and Plushie gatherings.
Polyamory (395 Posts)
Groups about multiple partners, marriage licenses and legal concerns, in-laws, parenting/children, jealousy issues, safe sex, and domestic harmony.
Pony Play (81 Posts)
Find Stables, supplies, training ranches, and communities of ponies and Trainers.
Recreation & Sports (155 Posts)
Talk about your favorite recreational activity or the best sports teams and sports players.
Religion & Beliefs (364 Posts)
From Atheists to Zoroastrianism, this topic is for those interested in any religion or belief system, including none at all.
Role Play (1008 Posts)
For groups who like to act out fantasies or play a different role during sex. Dice are optional.
Rope Bondage (405 Posts)
Get all tied up with this topic and discuss knots, styles of rope bondage, and rope safety.
Sadists (487 Posts)
Groups for people who like to inflict pain, favored methods to give pain, and meeting places for pain minded people.
Safe sex (363 Posts)
For groups practicing safe sex or wishing to learn more about it, including tools and techniques.
Safewords (55 Posts)
This topic is for the Safeword, suggestions on words to use,levels of what words can mean and debates about the use of them at all.
Scenes - Private Events (497 Posts)
Groups for people who hold private events, want to get advice on holding a private event, setup suggestions, and event rule ideas.
Scenes- Public Events/Clubs (380 Posts)
Just the place to put a group about your favorite club or upcomming BDSM event!
Science & Technology (130 Posts)
For those interested in the latest technological advancements or the cutting edge of science.
Sensory deprivation (84 Posts)
This section is for people who like to play with mummification, hoods, gas masks and blindfolds.
Serving (607 Posts)
For groups about serving food, housecleaning and performing menial chores as an act of submission.
Sex Toys (463 Posts)
Whether you like to use them on others or have them used on you, this topic is sure to please.
Shoe Fetish (126 Posts)
Discuss your favorite high heels, pumps, or boots and how you wear--or worship--them.
Spanking (872 Posts)
For groups who like to administer or receive posterior punishment.
Submission (6195 Posts)
Groups for people who enjoy giving power to another or who identify as a submissive.
Switching (400 Posts)
For groups about the special dynamic of experiencing both top and bottom in the BDSM scene.
TPE 24/7 Lifestyle (1389 Posts)
This topic covers power exchange relationships that are a lifestyle, personal stories, and relationship advice.
Training Submissives (1316 Posts)
Techniques, suggestions, clothing, toys, and all things that have to do with training a submissive to obey.
Transexual/Tranvestites (2325 Posts)
For people who find gender to be a state of mind or prefer a different gender than what they were born with.
Travel (366 Posts)
For groups interested in travel for business or pleasure, including topics such as cultural differences, travel advice and warnings, and the best places to go.
Uniforms/Clothing (337 Posts)
Love a man (or a woman) in a uniform? This topic covers wearing uniforms and costumes, sewing and costume creation, Japanese cosplay, and clothes of all kinds.
Video/Photograpy (347 Posts)
Discuss the best cameras and equipment for recording those special moments.
Watersports (536 Posts)
For groups interested in golden showers, including play styles and safety concerns.