likesmatureones 48M  
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5/30/2017 4:31 pm
really need your input on this one..cause it is a biggie

Got a phone call today...I knew something was up since it was from my ole home town.

I know only know 1 person from that familiar area code...I wasn't quick enough to answer the phone I called back and the lady said my mom most likely is dieing. Well she didn't put it that way,but I could tell. She said my mom was in the hospital and her kidneys were starting to fail. She is 95.

I will keep this short and just give you more details in the next letter...

I can't leave until friday ( payday) I wondered what would you mom lives in PA..I live in kc.....trying to get a flight on short notice is $$$$$.. that and I'd still have to pay for a rental car...she lives four hours drive from pittsburgh ( the city I'd have to fly into)
..trying to drive it is like 15 hours of road hell ( one way)....only to turn around and drive it back

so do you road trip it
or suck it up and fly.. seems like the cheapest is gonna cost like 400 dollars + 100 dollars for the rental car+ motel

Please don't read into this..I'm not looking for a go fund me/ nor looking for money or anything like that ( so please relax folks)..I just want your honest your road trip it or do you fly?

more in my

likesmatureones 48M  
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5/30/2017 4:36 pm


drmgirl622 62F  
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5/30/2017 4:56 pm

My heart goes out to you, Leo....... personally, I would fly. I'm from PA and know that area well. I'm guessing you can get a straight thru flight into PIT which will be about 3hrs.

Bless you and your Mom.....

likesmatureones replies on 5/30/2017 6:29 pm:
my problem is the biggest town is dubois yeah it is still like a 4 hour drive from a major airport

RaymondWise 58G  
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5/30/2017 5:24 pm

AlphaLthr is giving the best advice. Saying a prayer for you and your Mom. Shoot from the hip answer is fly if you can.

InderioMinx 48F  
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5/30/2017 5:29 pm

I am with the majority here, grab a bag and grab a flight. Just get there.

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celtdragn 47F  
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5/30/2017 5:45 pm

I would fly...a 15 hour drive will leave you to exhausted to be there with you mom. Sorry to hear, just be there for her.

DeepKnight172 55M
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5/30/2017 5:48 pm

Call the airlines and see if they can help, quite often they can support when there's a situation of this magnitude.

misterkilsun 58M
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5/30/2017 5:52 pm

    Quoting DeepKnight172:
    Call the airlines and see if they can help, quite often they can support when there's a situation of this magnitude.
This is correct.

Happycommander 63M
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5/30/2017 6:00 pm

following on what DeepKnight said, and bearing mind you may have a short list of airlines to choose from....

If you have the time tonight, go on the internet to find some of thse companies/agents who specialize in last minute deals for travel. It's a long shot but you might $150 or more for maybe a one hour search.

It's a hard time for you, and while I have often chosen to drive rthe than fly to save $$, a) I was much younger & for long trips (e.g. Detroit --> Boston would find someone else who had need of the trip to share the driving.... Truly non stop fo 12-14 hrs. I never had to travel with the possilbe time pressure you're facing. Good luck.

stihl65 32M
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5/30/2017 6:18 pm

You only get one chance so do what you have to no matter what

likesmatureones 48M  
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5/30/2017 6:28 pm

just wanna say thanks to all that replied..

it is like my whole world has come apart..I'm too drunk ( which is odd considering I hadn't had a drink in 45 days) to really deal with airline travel sites..I just need to fucking gooooooo.

I will just have to have faith in the ford motor company and my own driving skills to get my ass home....
put my plugger skills to the ultimate test.. probably driving high on red bull most of the way

So I guess it is 15 hours drive ahead of me...say a prayer for me on saturday

BUT I will get HOME!.. I swear to God .. I will get HOME!

to see my dad's grave..will get home to see that flag proudly displayed on his grave ( something my brother fought for)..
I will get home to see my brother's grave...and say how sorry I am..

and yes from all of you..
I promise to hug my mom with all the love that son can hug a mom for 15 years of pain of regret .. I'm sooooo damn sorry that I couldn't be there for you

Happycommander 63M
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5/30/2017 6:33 pm

Just tried various sellers. Cheapest KC to Pitt i $341 (most otherrs are 550-650.

The really cheap deals seem to connect to vacation destinations. R/T between $59 -- $199. No locations seem to be useful for you though.

Again,, good luck

Dreamcatcher__ 81M  
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5/30/2017 7:21 pm

Really sorry about your mom.

I didn't see this until just now, but I'd drive, Leo. United will probably drag you off the damn flight anyhow. I drove from DC to past St. Louis in about 13 hours pretty much non-stop except for fast food and pit stops. I was about your age at the time, heading for Boulder. It pretty much depends on what shape your car is in. Mine was a 12 year-old, low-mileage Honda Accord in top shape.

Good luck.

MissLadywood 44F  
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5/30/2017 7:43 pm

Good luck with the drive and big hugs x

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Hard2LoveNurse 60F  
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5/30/2017 7:46 pm

I would drive as well...its kind of relaxing to me, gives me time to think, process, as long as moms okay for awhile. So sorry to hear this. Blessings and prayers to you. Sounds like mom has lived a long life, being 95!! I am a Hospice Nurse, I deal with things like this daily!! Just let her know how much you love her, that's what she needs now. (((hugs))) to you as well!!

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imalwayson 50F
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6/21/2017 2:29 pm

Personally, I would fly. It's summer, hot out and too many vacationers on the road which would test my extremely limited patience. I also wouldn't want all that time alone in a car with nothing but my thoughts and music on continual loop.

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