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Posted:Jun 29, 2017 4:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2017 6:52 am

so yeah.. I was reading an article on forbes the other day...and it was about this company showing off it's latest device that will help prevent millions of Hiv cases in africa...via circumcising men.
say whhhhhhaattttttttt!!!!!

Now as someone that has a penis and being very anti circumcision based, I was curious as how are you gonna have men willingly walk into a doctor's office and have this painful procedure done...I'm anti circumcision because of the pain is so bad that it actually stops the baby's heart.

So I was curious as to this new space aged technique that this company came up with...and ironically they always have some young slim female model type displaying the device on her finger. Er your finger isn't a penis and the two can't compare

Hate to be a pessimist but the device is nothing more than an expensive rubber band...and the "great technique"
is the same one live stock farmers use to castrate their male animals for centuries.. tight rubber band around the male part you wish to eliminate until the blood is cut off...then it dies and just sorta goes away...

which is fine for castrating an animal ( if you lived in the 17th century)...but should we be doing this to an adult male?
I mean we aren't "castrating " him, but it is the same technique now used on his foreskin. Seems sorta barbaric.. I mean if a man walked around with a tight rubber on any other part of his body( say his arm so it would "naturally " just fall off after 5 days) we would call 911..
So the medical community now supports killing off living tissue?

can you imagine if a doctor told a woman to wear a tight rubber band to say have some female problem taken care of..let's deny your body it's blood flow so it dies off and just falls off your body..
what's next..leeches?

Okay let's be realist for a moment.. would you allow a doctor to put one of these devices on your male baby..? I mean after 5 days of denying blood the fore skin just dies off...
OH HELL NO? then why would you trust it on an adult male. I'd be afraid my dick would also fall off

So lets get back to this product...Bill and Melissa gates are all over it.. their foundation bought up millions of these units and are now shipping them to africa.

So being a dude into dudes I wondered how the fuck does circumcision prevent the spread of HIV...and if that is the case then why do so many guys in the US have HIV ( circumcision being the preferred look of the US cock).

This one web site actually said circumcision does little to stop the spread of HIV from man to woman...yet it helps to stop the male to male transmission
The virus can live in the foreskin the article explained..

I wondered then why doesn't the gates foundation just ship over condoms then..

so if you have a nation that primarily is hetero... if you have a nation that is primarily uncircumcised.. if you have a nation that really doesn't want to use or have access to condoms
Your gonna ship millions of these dick bands to a nation to stop the spread of HIV???
Your answer is to just dick snip like a million dudes? Yep that is their goal

if they don't or won't wear condoms then how the fuck are you gonna get guys to wear this device on their dicks for 5 days until the foreskin dies off??

and let's be honest it isn't just africa..
if you said to guys in the US.. hey let me tie this device to your dick for 5 days and it will lessen your chance of spreading HIV ..
How many guys would line up?

and for what is the real benefit for the african male? if your hetero it does lil for you protection wise and most likely cock blocks your game..

Being a guy into guys I prefer a circumcised penis..I won't go out with a natural one.. why? it is what I am used to...the ladies know what I'm talking about..

So if every dude in the village has a foreskin and you now show up with your penis circumcised? your the odd dude out.....noone is gonna want to get with you.
People want a penis that they are use to.

So you have a case of uber white rich people trying to "save" the world without having any idea of said culture..
throwing money at the problem and glorifying a company that invented a dick chopper does nothing to make a man want to wear one.

Don't get me wrong.. I'm not against people trying to prevent HIV..but you'd think they would get more accomplished that trying to promote an o ring around the foreskin.

I imagine million of these devices just sitting in some warehouse in africa collecting dust
sad day in america when a male can't help a child without being seen as a pedo
Posted:Jun 28, 2017 6:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2017 4:51 am

I think part of the problem is women..not that I'm bashing them as a gender..

but they seem to be the root cause of all this's gotten to a point as an adult male we refuse to stop to help a child because we might be seen as a molester.

It's perfectly fine for a strange woman to roll up on a complete stranger/youth and ask if said child is " okay"... but adult men shy away.. we will not help a kid in need because of this crap.

Point in case.. adult male finds a lost toddler.. tries to find the actual parent and gets assaulted by the father...and gets assaulted on social media...people still assume this good Samaritan is actually a pedo..alot of people wish to actually hurt this guy

hell even the uber liberal woman on the local radio show had to apologize to men.. and she thinks every white male is a potential _apist!

so as a male what good is society if your pre judged as either a potential _ apist or a pedo less likely to actually give a fuck and help a kid in need..hell i'd keep on driving

And people wonder why more men don't get into teaching.. there is that cultural biased against men
going to battle the gnome..travelocity never knew what hit them
Posted:Jun 27, 2017 5:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2017 5:01 pm

if you've been following along you know three things about me

1. I am not rich
2. I despise poor customer service
3. I can be a complete and utter asshole

So I was the perfect guy to get a refund for my sister from the traveling gnome.

See travelocity sells deceptive insurance policies...your in such a rush to get the best price on a ticket that most people automatically click the box for cancellation insurance..
seems like a good idea and at only 28 dollars it's a steal

or is it? try using the insurance sometime.. it only works if your dieing or some medical emergency prevents you from flying.

When my sister tried to talk to the customer service division of travelocity ( stationed in mumbi india) she literally got the run around..

It was time to bring in the big guns and let a professional asshole take over..oh by the way you all only get to see me being like 40 percent ass on bad day.. steal from my sister? and your getting the whole me

... 28 dollars may not seem worth the hassle..but it is the principal that matter.

I talked with "wes" in mumbi and he reassured me that is exactly what the company insurance policy states.
I was "nice " with "wes".. didn't raise my voice or drop the f bombs.. I was kind and courteous with him because .. golly gee.. wes is just doing his job and reading the company policy. Hell I didn't even have to go all liam nieson on him.

I merely asked to talk with a supervisor...I was told that it might take a while.

I told wes the last time I asked to speak with a supervisor I was put on hold for over 45 minutes as my mom laid dieing in her hospital bed

Wes said well the supervisor is very busy..
I retorted.." what? you have that many complaints?"
No...they are just assisting customers.
I customers are more important than someone with an official complaint?

I reminded wes that the companies insurance policy reeked of bait and switch.. something the attorney general in florida might be interested in hearing about
He told me that he is documenting our conversation

I said " good".."oh by the way ask your supervisor if I have permission to record our conversation..I'd love to talk to them about this matter.. how do you spell their name
again? first and last..". Perhaps I'd share the recording on social media

Wes put me on hold and came back with the offer to refund the 28 dollars

That is all I wes there is no further need for me to talk with a supervisor..

But then again I told him from the start, 28 dollars is all I wanted. And all of this can go away.

28 dollars might not seem like alot, but I feel like they stole from my sister.
It's the principal of the thing
oh canada...please don't tell me your letting in all those american asylum seekers?
Posted:Jun 27, 2017 4:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2017 9:16 am

so perhaps you heard that the PM of canada Justin trudeau has tweeted " don't worry americans..canada will accept all asylum matter what race etc etc etc
Diversity makes us strong!

Which was meant to off set the current trump policies of deporting illegals etc..( which without getting political..was also the obama policy

NOW I don't want to get into a huge debate over illegals or immigration..

BUT the end result so far...they are no jobs for these people...noone will rent to them ( the landlords are asking for money up front...the government has set up a welfare state that pays these people 500 dollars a month american in order to survive.
The government is ill equipped to provide services to all these people with their different languages and customs.

I'm not suggesting immigration is bad for a country...but one has to force assimilation...or else you get another "france"...where these new immigrants speak another language/have their own customs/never feel like they are part of france/no loyalty to the host country/the people live in poverty because they aren't educated/have no real marketable skills/ they live in state sponsored ghettos.
So the taxpayer is on the hook for supporting these people for the rest of their lives.

Even worse is the children grow up in poverty.. some extremist from the old country rolls into town and starts preaching the "gospel" and tells them about their real roots.
The young people are already pissed off by life/ feel discriminated and eat this crap up.
This is how basically an organization like isis operates..they feed off of hate and misery

So what good does it do to open your boarders to everyone... if you don't have the means to do so...already canada is running into problems with these new arrivals.

How do you vet them? how do you police them? how do you house them or provide services to them if they speak so many different languages?
How do you afford all the services these people need like medical/education/housing/food?

and yes I also wonder why is it these leaders are so quick to spend the tax payer's money, yet they never let any of these asylum seekers live in their homes.
I'm betting ole justin trudeau's place has some extra bedrooms..

To my knowledge the pope still doesn't have anyone crashing with him/he hasn't torn down the vatican's walls..he still eats a huge steak dinner every night..
are we becoming a nation of victims
Posted:Jun 27, 2017 4:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2017 5:03 pm

I asked that question in all this the way women really think or is this just something that crap sites like yaboo keep throwing up as news every day..

I will give you a quick example... woman wears swimsuit to her apt complex pool and is told to cover herself up/change clothes by the apartment complex supervisor. She/her boyfriend snap a dozen photos of said woman in bathing suit and rushes this story to facebook etc..

Yaboo ( I'm calling them that because the powers that be on alt won't let me call them their real name.. alt thinks I am trying to use my email addy in a blog..)
responds by saying this story has "exploded"...( has it really?... is that the new catch phrase because " going viral" is so yesterday?

So this story is right up yaboo's alley.. it's sexist.. it's fat shaming ( omg obviously noone would have a problem if the woman was a size 2 etc)...hell it even suggest a _ape culture ( alt won't let me put the r in front of the word..dumb assed alt)..
The apt complex supervisors' reason for demanding the woman cover up is there are teen age boys at this family orientated pool.

Okay..take a deep breathe and actually look at what this woman was wearing.. she is wearing a suit that is like 2 sizes too shows off half of her ass..and yes on the boyfriend's instagram page it clearly shows the lil material on the woman's backside went straight up and into a thong.. her ass sucked it right in.

I honestly wonder if a man wore the same suit..yep the same one ala borat...and had half of his ass hanging out like that...would someone call the police on him.. would he be treated as a perve or pedo?
A man can't walk around a beach or pool in a thong ( yes they do make male thongs ladies) how is this woman a victim again? ( noone is calling the cops on her) the apt complex supervisor would tell a dude to stop wearing a speedo or thong etc.

Just like the dude..ladies noone wants to see half of your ass hanging out of a suit..don't care if your a size 0 or a size 18....

so once again do women really feel this way or is this just yaboo stirring the pot and making every woman into a victim
just curious about alt
Posted:Jun 26, 2017 4:52 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2017 11:10 am

just wondering how someone can say add you to their hott list/make you their number one fan/flirt with you etc...
yet never show up on your viewed list..???

I mean I'm not even talking from a technical/ view..I mean as a person..

Oh and I'm sicker than shit today.. was literally in bed all sunday hence the no posting etc
total sell out to push to be number 1
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2017 5:21 am

I've decided to stop pulling punches and finally claim my rightful place as number 1 blogger on it is just a matter of how much dick do I gotta pussy do I have to lick? or how much ass do I really gotta tongue?.. cause I'm A coming IN NICE AND DEEP

OMG that arrogant mother fucker!!!! did he actually say that out loud???

Why not?..for years I toiled beneath the wonder figure of bloggers on
i've always been the number 6 or 7th person/blogger here..never reached number 1 in perhaps 5-10 yrs maybe I didn't have enough boobs

But I think it is time for the people on alt to rise up and put this red shirt in the number one slot for a change.

So what's it gotta be folks..I'm number three right now...
it's time for every MOTHER FUCKER to have his turn in the please respond in kind..make this DICK HEAD site turn on a dime .. say fuck you alt..unleash your fury.. hit reply multiple time and really " fuck it to the man!!!

if just for a day...think about that...wouldn't that blow their mind

This dumb assed blogger finally get his day...and honestly i've been on alt for like 19 yrs.. got 9000 pts+ all via blogging..

Shouldn't I have one day as number one?

Thank You
holy shit batman 9,000 points and counting
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2017 5:23 am

wow it just occurred to me that I have 9,100 some points on this site..

can anyone beat that?
wentworth( if your a fan of OITNB)
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 7:54 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2017 5:23 am

I'm normally not the type that lwatches a tv show just because everyone is now gaga over it...I don't do must see tv
I've never seen breaking bad/game of thrones/etc etc etc

and if I do get into a tv show it is usually on the back end on say netflixs after it's been on a while.
I hate to commit to a show with like 2 seasons..I get more enjoyment finding a great show and then seeing it has like 10 seasons .

SO I was just cruising on netflix and typed in the letter w for some reason and this show from australia popped up called "wentworth"..

Now some may say it is a rip off of orange is the new black...but then everyone in Australia will tell you to go fuck yourself .. it is the other way around...

But I love tight writing and interesting characters.
I'm a " china beach" sorta guy..By this I mean I will watch a tv show ( that normally a dude guy would never admit to watching...) just because I get a crush on one of it's stars.. I call it the " dana delaney" effect...and then end up watching the whole damn thing.

Sooo yeah...I watched like 7 episodes last night because of it.. I found myself really crushing on "frankie"...she looks alot like rashida jones from parks and recs..

I can see why people recommend "wentworth" if you like OITNB....they are very similar in nature...
Wentworth is a bit grittier and darker than orange...the women in this prison are accused of more sever crimes/it isn't supposed to be a minimum security wing like it is on orange...but it is hardly hbo's oz. ( no one is getting prison _aped with a broom handle)

Both feature lesbians that get away ALOT...both feature strong female cast/both feature strong female lead characters like Red...

and probably most important.. both give you this emotional back story on how these women came to be in prison...

and sure there is some eye candy ( of both sexes..especially on wentworth)..
BUT .there still is alot of juicy roles and storylines for say the 50 yr old female there is room for jane and joe average on this show..
it's not all just about ( insert an r cause alt won't let me use that word) _apey mc_apey weirdo prison guards with porno moustaches and hottie 20 something lesbians blonde prisoners in yoga/scrubs sorta pants

Plus on wentworth ..about 5 episodes in we get to see the hottie warden (or governor as she is called in the show) in a bdsm club...

So please watch an episode. I know you will shake your head initially and say "come on now"...really is this really the prison system in australia???
But then again you could say this same thing about "orange" is very " soap opera" like...sometimes you gotta shake your head as they gloss pass a few things..
But the writing is good and the characters are interesting...anyway it is an interesting comparison to orange
so yeah some assclown breaks into one of the cars
Posted:Jun 22, 2017 4:38 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2017 8:05 am

NOTHING freaks me out more than home invasion movies..
NOTHING freaks me out more than the though of someone coming into your home and stealing your stuff...

so you can imagine how I felt yesterday when my roommates 30 yr old disabled son texted me and say..dude someone broke into my car last night ( right outside my house/right outside my fucking window no less).

Some idiot thief thought that hey since he left his windows down a lil that it was okay to pop his door and search the car for anything he could grab... including some lame assed like 150 dollar radio...and even then the cluster fuck lacked the proper tools and training to actually steal the radio..

I mean it isn't like this douche canoe cased my house in some rich neighbor hood and saw like a porshe sitting in the drive way...we are talking about a piece of crap 2005 nissan altima...which apparently is the car that everyone and their mother now drives.

Who does this? who rolls up into a cul-de-sac and looks at an altima and there must be money or cell phones or something worth getting shot over in that car!!! I gotta get inside

We aren't talking about some huge boom box stereo with woofer or whatever from the 70s... we are talking about a generic 100-150 dollar best buy stereo tops..and even then the fucker has some feed back issues
We aren't rich folks...and that stereo is hardly top of the line.

so someone risked their lives for something that might have a resale value of what 20 dollars?? I mean what is the going rate for a used stereo ripped out by a non pro

I know that we have some international readers on alt..
in texas I could legally kill someone for such an act ..shoot them dead for daring to go on my property or enter my car..fuck my neighbor could come over and shoot them dead on my behalf..
it's called castle law...Don't mess with texas

and honestly if your dumb enough to enter someone's home or rob their deserve what the fuck you get.

Now I don't have a gun..
but if that assclown was dumb enough to break into my home he'd run head first into the most jealous cray cray crazy bitch of a german sheperd you'd ever want to meet. Lets just say sable good girl is "over protective"
( well that is putting it mildly..more likely insanely protective ).. think your most insanely jealous clingy ex girl friend and then triple it
Hell the dog even growls at me ..she seems to cling to my roommate and pines under my bed until he returns home from work. I wish I was kidding.. she acts like she is married to him
I seem to attract the crazy in pets

and the german shep's bite is on par ( pressurewise/jaw strength) with a pit bull..
.so yeah..
you can imagine like 70 lbs of insane jealous rage and teeth coming at your dumb ass if you decide to break in. ( and you thought your ex was bad)
and honestly I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that

So me being me.. I decided to go all Macgyver last night and I rigged up some trip lines and empty soda cans hoping this idiot would try for round two..
If he was gonna make a second attempt at the radio, he'd trip the lines and I'd hear and run down and confront the sob.

Fortunately for him..he apparently wised the fuck up..

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