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Steamed va-jj. Anyone?
Posted:Jun 25, 2018 4:14 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2018 4:20 am

Im sorry but this concept is pure female...

I luv when women spend big bucks on some new age fad just so they can feel superior to others( starbucks quickly comes to mind.

Even worse is when they wrap this snakeoil skit in some earth hoddess/ mother earth rhetoric.

Gwenith paltrow comes to mind.

So yeahhh...i dont have a pussy...but then again probably 60 percent of women have never eaten one out.
Trump and the time magazine cover
Posted:Jun 23, 2018 8:29 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2018 7:43 am

Now this post isnt about politics or what i feel about family separations etc.

It really is about the modern state of todays' journalism and magazines.

Now you may say who cares..noone reads time magazine and it's a dieing industry.

I get a copy for free. Much like entertainment weekly i feel like im not its target demographic ( grumpy 40 plus white guy).
And im cool with seems like both publications are now heavily invested in the sjw/pc crowd. It mostly caters to women and diversity issues.

And god bless them if they can survive financially.

But there is a huge devide between providing entertainment news and a world news magazine.

Time magazine is so biased that it's become info wars) alex jones..but for the left. Seems they enjoy screeming at the viewers without fact checking their own stories

Now all media slants stories..duhhh.
But when they start to make their own news...without doing any fact checking...
They have become bloggers..
Time magazine is up there now with the likes of rolling stones magazine.

Why does it matter whether or not that girl in the imposed cover pic was separated or not...
Shouldn't this really about our policies?

Cause one inaccuracy caused the whole house of cards to fall down and absorbed our focus. Much like the first ladies was a distraction..much ado about nothing

It makes us doubt the article..makes us doubt the writer/editor/ the whole staff at time magazine.

Are they bias? Fuck yeah...
Are they accurate with their facts....? Apparently not...
So time magazine has become a blog..filled with bias..filled with passive aggressive tendencies...filled with hate..

And gave people like the alex jones of the world alot of street creed....see..see...time magazine is manufacturing the news.
Just curious..what do ladies really feel aboyt ED
Posted:Jun 23, 2018 7:52 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2018 7:44 am

I broach this topic because of the numerous commercials on the sports talk shows i listen to.

Now ill say that im in the prime demographic for ED..but have never suffered from it.
Perhaps its good genes like losing ones hair..
Some guys have full heads at 70 and others like myself are thinning badly.

Ofcourse some of ED is also brought on by health conditions and medications.

I find it ironic that any male sexual health condition has to be in abbreviations.
Like somehow lets blast the world series with viagra commericals...but keep it on the dl that some men cant get an erections.
Makes me wonder if ED is the new scarlette letter..something only to be discussed in the doctors office...
And they be brushed aside because it like hairloss is just something that happens to a man as he ages.

Being 2018 i wonder if we still judge a man by his manhood. Is he less of a man because he cant get it up.

So i thought id important is an erection to your partner...
Barcade..or a bar with old school video games
Posted:Jun 23, 2018 7:20 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 8:34 am

Now the concept of a barcade may seem kinda old to those on either coast...
Trends usually start in cali or ny and work their way to kc about two years later.

So okay..the concept is simple...dave and busters but in a bar..or an adults only chuckie cheese.

The idea is to attract a slightly older client that doesnt frequent bars./ But has $$$..feels he's too old.
So the lure is arcade games from my childhood.

And this is where yelp comes in handy...i luv reading the reviews of the broken machines or slow assed service..or crappy bar food

It seems only two business models latched onto this trend...
Upscale hipster bars..
And wannna chuckie cheese places...
Now with this example there is a further separation
1. Places that offer bowling/go carts/lazer tag w the old school aracde. a main event
2. Dive/lower class bars .. they have like 30 broken down machines..have terrible food and marked up drinks. I call this a fad bar

So my options are limited.. hanging out with hipsters or certainly not gonna go to a shithole of a bar just to play pacman

Some may say then why not go to dave and busters..
Well it isnt exactly in my neighborhood...probably a good 45 minute drive.

Ironically these bars think they are gods gift...omg they have some old school games.

And even worse..they dont have the good ones..

Where is the missle command/ the stargate defender/ centipede/ pole position etc..
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Do you yelp?
Posted:Jun 23, 2018 7:10 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 7:14 am

I was really curious if you use yelp...and do you leave reviews

I will get into this in a later blog....but im hardly the type of dude that uses such a site.

But i find myself looking at it more and more..

And honestly the reviews are making me skittish of certain businesses

Now i get that some people are using this in a passive agressive way to get even...
And businesses are paying people ( with freebie products) to leave positive reviews..

On a whole i think it is good feedback for a business.
But the replies from the business usually seem so canned .
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Google part 2. Oh yeah its go time
Posted:Jun 23, 2018 6:47 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 7:05 am

So friday rolls around and over been 4 days w/o cable or internet...
And the google fiber guy was scheduled to check our connection .
Why it took a billion dollar company 4 fucking days to send someone out is beyound me.

So the douche caneo comes over and within 10 min says..uck uck..the problems outside..

So they'll have to send their outside guys over..
But dont worry..he'll mark us as "top priority".

Finally at 5pm two trucks roll up and block my driveway??? Which is odd considering i live in a culdesac and they had a wide open middle space to park.

I come home from work and im not feeling good. I roll down my window and ask the google employee if he can shut his trucks door...
There is just enough space for me to squeeze my lil car between their trucks.
And wow..actually park in my own fucking driveway.

So i ask the two guys working on this google fiber line how long is this gonna take?

The younger employee gives me some lips about it taking as long as it takes.

I yell back that its been 4 fucking days without cable.

The older employee sees that im the very definition of white trash whiskey tango and pipes up..

It won't be long now..

And suprise surprise the cause of my internet woes..

The girl next door just started her google fiber account and when they hooked her up...
They fucked up my connection...

In their wake they actually cut down a bush...
And just left it there...not that i wasnt my bush..

And ripped up a portion of grass that they wont be back to replant..

And folks that is google for you..

It really reminds me of the lily thomlin comedy routine about the phone company....we're the phone company...we dont give a shit.
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Fuck Google fiber
Posted:Jun 21, 2018 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2018 6:36 pm

Google fiber rolled into kc about 3 yrs ago with this snake oil salesman bs.. talk to your neighbors and get them to sign up for this deal..
So you all can be a fucking.. fiber hood..
I’m not shitting you.. that is their term

If the whole neighborhood didn’t agree then they weren’t gonna string the fiber cable..

So now my cable has been out since Monday and the best this cock sucking billion dollar company can say is.. we will get to you on friday.. 4 fucking days without cable or internet.

Fuck Google
Incredibles 2...not a review..just a morning rant
Posted:Jun 19, 2018 4:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2018 5:52 am

I am overjoyed that incredibles 2 is kicking boxoffice ass.

Don't know about you but im tired..of hollywood trolling movies and making sjw statements. ( Like in star wars)

We all get it..white guys over 40=bad..whatever

So you'd think hollywood would copy the pixar omg...and actually make fun movies and let me forget the world's problems for a few hours.

Can't I enjoy a movie without it turning into a gender politics teaching moment...
Do i really need to be reminded that han solo's kiss scene borders on sexual assault..

And hollywood wonders why incredibles 2 is gonna be the top grossing film..( outpacing wonderwoman/ out pacing beauty and the beast).
Maybe cause it's a movie that is for everyone..including white males over 40.

Duhhh!!! Why drive away a good portion of your audience?
Given back my bdsm gear
Posted:Jun 18, 2018 3:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2018 4:35 am

So if you've been following along you know ive been on and off with this woman..

I broke it off twice because i never truly understood what she needed out of me..
Perhaps i just dont get women or perhaps she isnt a good representation of the female mind ( she may be bi polar)

It would be going well..emailing every day and then out of the blue id get a nasty i just pissed in her cheerios or something..

So either im the most thoughtless jerk in the world or something was wrong on her end.
Maybe she found someonelse in the club and had to get rid of me..
Perhaps she no longer wanted to domme?

The only thing that still connected us through these rough patches was my black bag full of bdsm gear.

She didnt have any gear and we kept the bag at her house do i woulnt have bring it everytime i came over

Anyway she finally wrote the..come get your shit email...

But its cool..i know when i finally have my bag that is the end.

And i can move on with my life
Leo and the angry inch ( er mm). Male cock cage rant
Posted:Jun 16, 2018 8:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2018 8:32 am

Okay first off to anyone that has ever thought about male is all about the measurements.

Now i have a preference for the stainless steel devices
Why? Can be sterilized..they are open design that allows air to get to the penis,allows one to easily clean the cock in the shower. I cant imagine how a dude smells in 90 degree heat in a plastic model.

Now i know how to properly measure a cock cage and i know how big my cock is...should be simple buying one..right?

The problem is 99 percent of them are made in china. And are sold on amazon/ ebay or even straight from china.

They do give the measurements in photos on these sites.
But alot of times the measurements is inaccurate..

Im becomming like device was bigger than listed...the small one is smaller by 5 mm...which means alot when your cock is gonna live in

Now im about ready to order up yet another cage and hope this is a good fit..

Be preparred to buy a few of these cages before you find one that fits..they run about 40 dollars a piece.
Or order them straight from china for like 12 dollars..but you have to wait about a month plus to get them...
And yep they are the same cages

You can go the custom designed route and get an exact fit..but its gonna cost you.

You may ask whats the big cage is a bit big etc...

I guess that depends on how discrete you need to be..stainless steel models tend to be more chunky and will leave some sorta buldge in the pants.

The smaller the device the less noticeable it small cock cage is undetectable when i wear pants..that is why im pissed off thats is 23mm instead of the listed 28mm..
I could have worn it longterm if it was 28.
Its a small cage,but then again i have a smaller penis.

Another thing is its rare to find something unique unless its customed made....youll find the same cages on amazon as you will find in every kink store it pays to price compare
So if your like me and have to work and cant have a buldge in your pants that obviously isnt your dick....your options can be limited.

Good news is they do modify their designs and add a lil length...but it takes a few months to see this online.
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