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Sunday My Favorite Day
Posted:Apr 26, 2018 11:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2018 11:45 pm

Hello my kinky friends. I have had a number of friends who have asked for to blog. Sorry I have been busy and I am not bored at work so I though I would share a few thoughts that are running through my blonde brain today.

First, tonight Master and I are flying to Miami and will be spending time on the beach. If you live in Florida, let me know a local dance bar that would be fun. I am feeling the need to bask in the sun all day and dance all night. Followed by an intense deep fuck from Master before I go back to the beach to sleep in the sun. I am so excited.

So back to the blog. Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. It usually starts on Saturday night and ends up sometime Sunday night. Master and I like to go on Saturdays and enjoy the local ene. Mind you we are like most couples, we go to the movies, dinner, a bar, etc. Occasionally we will go to GD2 or a fet party, but most days its real life and business as usual. After we go out, Master usually gives me a wonderful hard fuck before he tucks me in.

Sundays we sleep in and generally have no agenda of things to do. I love waking up to him inside me. The time is fun and lingers. If I get to wear clothes before noon its a special day. What makes this so special is Saturday night have become Christmas eve for me. I can hardly sleep wondering what pleasures of the flesh await me. Yum.

So don't call me Sunday mornings. I will be busy.
Latest Email Question I have to answer
Posted:Apr 9, 2018 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2018 6:46 am

I had a nice man ask me what my favorite position for sex was. I told him usually the with a cock inside me. He laughed at that and said he thought i might say tied up.

The fact is I replied tied up is my favorite position. My sex life started early and is very much cliche. I had sex with the father of the children i was baby sitting. Long story and I am really sorry that i did. I didnt know how wrong it was at the time. I actually had an orgasm with him. No biggy you might think but that is what hooked me on sex.

My High hool the boys i went out with and slept could not get it d. They usually lost it about the time they got it in. I cant tell you how many times a boy has said wasnt that the best you ever had. Obviously, i struggled having an orgasm. Then I meet another older man, i was still jail bait and he took me to his apartment and we had very consensual sex. He got me ready and had me excited and then he pinned both of my wrists above my head and i came so hard i know i startled him. That instant loss of control did me in. Before i went away to college, he tied me up the first time and i came before he started and several times during.

That was my kink journey. So favorite position, any i dont have any control.

Happy Post St Patricks Day
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 7:30 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2018 6:07 pm

Well, living in Chicago, we decided that we would go and do something we have never done. Watch them dye the Chicago River Green. I have lived her almost 10 years between school and work and never went.

So yesterday, we got up early and went down to the river and watched in dyed green. I have to admit it was pretty amazing to see them do that. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at to many pubs and drinking so much green beer i actually peed green this morning. I think someone is pranking me.

So to all my Irish Kinksters do it tell you pee green. lol.
Playtime Response
Posted:Mar 17, 2018 6:37 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2018 7:26 am

So I received another email from a fetlife friend and he wanted to know do I have a playtime with my Master routine. I thought what a great questions and I thought I would share my response with everyone.

First, my Master and I are real people with real world careers which take up a large part of our time. There are many nights when we would love to play but are just too exhausted from work. Sound familiar?

we do have many ways we play. I love to be in bondage and Master loves me to be in total submission. Sometimes he will surprise me with some take down bondage and rough sex which i love dearly.

We do have a play routine which i love so much. It doesn't always go the same way but the setup is the same. Master will text me a message, "Pinks 7:00 PM". Now what that means is that i am to be prepared in my pink leather bondage cuffs and kneeling at the foot of the bed at 7:00 Pm. So i will dash home, shower and completely prepare myself for whatever is to come. I have this 5 piece pink leather bondage set which i fasten around each wrist and ankle and around my neck. I also put on the blindfold and I kneel awaiting Master. I am no dumb bunny i usually wait right up to 659 to get on my knees. I know he is going to make me wait a little while.

When Master arrives i am usually pulled across his lap and spanked just because. He knows i love it and it makes me wet. He then will proceed to tie me up in any number of ways and leave me helpless to his whim. The sex is intense. He does as he pleases. If a please him completely he will untie me and cuddle me. If i am not up to par he sometimes hogties me for additional intense stimulation.

I hope that answers the question.
When did men become pussies.
Posted:Mar 4, 2018 11:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2018 7:20 am

Ok, first and foremost I have struggled with relationships with men my age or slightly older my entire life. So I fully accept that it could be me. However, when did men grow vaginas?

There is a fetlife male on here who wants to be my Master. Even though he should be able to read my profile, i think he only looks at my pictures. I hate to say it but i hurt his feelings, by expressing no interest in meeting him or getting to know him. The begging and the 19 pictures of his erection didn't help his cause.

So Jenna's life lesson for the day to all the male population. First, always remember you are the man. You are supposed to protect and provide for us the gentler sex. What they means is be assertive. I don't really enjoy being asked what i want and most of my gfs don't either. Have a plan! Give us choices! And most importantly take the lead.

Second, we love the fact that men have become more sensitive. More aware or our feelings and their own feelings. However, be a fucking man and get over it already. A man with hurt feelings pouting is a cold water shower to the female libido.

Finally, be in charge! Pick the restaurant! Lead me on to the dance floor. Don't let strangers paw me. Open the door for me! Take my clothes off if you want to fuck me. Don't push my head down on your cock as the art of seduction.

And one final personal message. Learn how to properly perform cunnilingus.
Read up on it! Don't drool all over me. The sensitive part is at the top of the canoe not the bottom. Take your time. Use your fingers, your lips your tongue, Lick, blow and suck on my clit. My Master is an expert in this area. He is so good at it they i am usually a completely exhausted rag doll afterward. I am also completely in submission to him. It is truly a great skill to master.

Thus ends the lesson.
Valentine's Day and the start of Lent
Posted:Feb 14, 2018 12:21 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2018 12:47 pm

Happy Valentines Day my fine fetish friends from fetlife. Bet you can't say that 5 times fast. I thought I would post a daily funny today.

I was raised Catholic and everything you were told about Catholic School girls is all true. White blouses, plaid skirts and white socks hide the slutiness of our nature. I digress. Well even though I am a slut I am still Catholic so I follow some rituals. One is no meat on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday. I suppose I should be honest and say its not so much religious but spiritual and lets face it, skipping meat a few times a week is good for you.

Again, sorry for slow walking you to an epiphany. This morning, I was out of bed and in the shower before Master. it does take me a little longer than him. I am a girl after all. It drives me crazy that he can shower, shave and dress in 15 minutes. Washing my mop of hair requires 15 minutes by itself.

Any way this morning, Master hops in the shower with me. We share are early morning hugs and kisses in the shower which I love dearly. Today, as most days, Master pushes me to my knees to take care of his morning needs. A duty I am too happy to complete. However, today, Ash Wednesday, when master pushes me to my knees and I am completely eye level with his morning wood, I tell him, " I can't eat meat on Ash Wednesday." He chuckled as I caught him off guard and he said fine and bent me over in the shower. Well I did bring it on myself.

After I got out of the shower, Master is dressed and sitting in the bedroom and calls me in. I see flowers and candy and a present. Oh, I am a lucky girl. I kiss him and he hands me the gift which I open immediately. There are 2 things in the box. I leather paddle and a remote control vibrating egg. He tells me to bring the egg with me to work and that I will be putting in me before he picks me up for dinner. We are going to the Signature Room in the soon to be not named "Hancock Building."

So my VD dinner now will be spiced with him buzzing me at I am sure will be the most inappropriate times. I thanked him and he grabs my towel and pulls me toward him and then over his knee. I protest because I will be late to work, which only gets the new paddle a few extra swats on my ass. After he was done making my butt glow crimson, he told me I might want to rethink the no meat on Friday thing.

Well a penis really isn't meat after all.

Be well my friends.
Chicago Snow Day
Posted:Feb 9, 2018 12:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2018 7:46 am

I was so happy last night when i received a that my office will not be open tomorrow. I felt like a kid in hool. Master also decided to take this opportunity to work from home and trust me, he isn't working on work.

We started fucking last night and he hasn't let up. I love this man, but really he needs to cut down on the caffeine. I have a sore ass a sore mouth and sore vagina. You figure he would be bored but oh no.

I guess i am bragging more than complaining. I do love the guy. We are going for a walk in the snow shortly. I am looking forward to my body being covered and recovering.

Happy Snow Day
The Fakes are Out in Force Happy Super Bowl Sunday
Posted:Feb 4, 2018 7:56 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2018 11:19 am

Some times this site is tiresome with all the fake profiles. Do you really need to play your are someone you are not? It is truly sad.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday my fetish friends. Are you an eagles fan or a New England fan??

So i would love to see the Eagles win and I got into the office pool on the side of the Eagles. Master believes that the fix is in and the Patriots will win. He even mentioned that if the Pats are behind at halftime, they will reissue a new rule book so they win at the end. Not sure what all that means, other than the cheating reference.

So Master wants to bet on the game so we have. If I win he gets to be my slave for 24 hours. If he wins I have to wash and detail his car naked. Not sure where i will be able to pull that off as it is 20 degrees outside and currently snowing. I am sure if he wins he will find a way to make it happen.

As for me go Eagles! I am not a domme and not really wired to be one, but i think having him as my bitch for a day might be fun. Maybe i will make him clean the house in his army boots. lol

Posted:Jan 30, 2018 10:26 am
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2018 5:29 pm

I am in a totally fucked up mindset. I have screwed up so bad, there are no words to describe it. I am an orange person.

Let me start from the beginning. I just realized you need context. I have a very fair complexion. Let's face it I am white as marshmallow fluff. I don't tan well. I burn. If I am lucky and I work at it my tan looks like someone who never goes to the beach. I should have had red hair.

So its the dead of winter, I am really missing the sunshine. I want to lay naked, with sunscreen in the sun all day. A girlfriend from work suggest that I get a spray on tan. She even had a free trail pass for a spray on tan she gave me. I envy girls who can tan and turn that healthy sun kissed hue. Me, my skin turns red and my hair bleaches almost white. Not a great look.

So after a few weeks of nudging and her telling me she is going to have a retouch on her tan, I decide to go. I thought it would be a nice surprise for my Master. So I went to her salon after work with the sweat clothes to wear home. The therapist (ha) tells me to get undressed and to stand in the stall. The stall smells like stale bread. Ok I can do this. I am standing there with a bikini bottom on and she tells me I should remove that as well or I will be throwing them out. MMMM, so now in a little drafty stall I stand their naked.

Now we have all had the prank pulled on us, close your eyes for a surprise. She tells me to close my eyes and hold my breath as she does my face. The first blast is ice cold. Shockingly cold. She admonishes me to stand still as she moves down my neck. I am not a happy girl at this moment because this shit stinks, its cold and I am standing in front of a woman who is painting me like a 67 Buick.

I follow the instructions of claw hand and leaning over as she sprays my all over and then does my back. She says ok I am all done, you need to stand there for 10 minutes and don't rub anything. Something cold was sprayed on my face and all I want to do is scratch my nose, but fear of a weird smudge on my face stops me.

The little egg timer goes off and I look at myself in the mirror. I am actually amazed that it looks pretty good. Usually nothing looks good under fluorescent lights. It looks like me with a tan. Wow, I could get into this.

I come out and everyone is looking at me, which I read is they are amazed my pasty ass actually turned out well. The therapist gives me some special body wash I am to use in 6 hours and I head home. I am so excited. I can wear a white bikini and you will be able to see it. When I arrive home, Master's first words are what is on your face? I told him about the spray tan and he laughed a little and went back to reading his paper.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the light, which is a natural light and almost fainted. I am orange. My skin is fucking orange. I look like a cartoon character.

This is not a normal look unless you want to be the ad model for pumpkin spice. I start crying and freaking out. I run to my computer and look up spray tan removal and I need lemon juice and baking soda and we have neither. I go and beg Master to help me by running to the store for me. He is laughing and telling me its really ok and it will wear off. Finally he runs to the store. While he is there I am taking a shower hotter then Chernobyl to remove this tan and it seems to be working because my white tub is now orange. I am thinking I am in the clear and after the color stops coming off and I step out the shower to see, I am know striped like a tiger. Orange stripes and white stripes. Back into the shower with a loaffa and a vigorous scrub down. Master arrives with the lemon juice and backing soda and offers to help me. He is good like that.

He pours lemon juice on my freshly scrubbed and over heated skin and I screamed in pain. It was like salt in an open wound. The baking soda didn't make it better. I stand there in misery crying like a 2 year old and as soon as the soak was over I washed it off with a cooler shower.

Most of it came off. I have a few interesting spots that are still there and I still have a slight orange hue. I will say that I did get a complete exfoliation out of it.

Moral, never get a spray tan. Check.
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My Pictures
Posted:Jan 28, 2018 10:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2018 2:07 pm

Hello fetlife friends.

I recently wrote a blog about a guy named Joe who gave me a silly proposition. I received the below response artsmensch.

Let's be real, Jenna. It's OK for you to come here just to "make friends", but if you include thirty pictures of your naked tits & ass, you become fair game for
sexual propositions from idiots like "Joe".

Get rid of the taunting, provocative photos, and you won't be bothered by any more "misunderstandings".


Now everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don't think I am that unusually attractive. I am very petite and very thin, so in pictures, I look curvery and sexier than real life. My Master disagrees and tells me that i am beautiful, but i believe he is biased.

So to celebrate democracy I am holding an informal poll. Please be sure you vote.
Take down all my taunting provocative pictures (all the nudes)

Yes or No.

Everyone who votes will receive a special unpublished photo of me as reward for voting either way.

Let the games commence.


To link to this blog (jennalovesit) use [blog jennalovesit] in your messages.