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Master's Denial First Time Ever
Posted:Jan 15, 2018 11:10 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2018 6:34 am

I had a first time experience with Master I wanted to share. Yesterday, Sunday morning, I woke up next to Master as usual on a slow Sunday morning. As per protocol I slide down and started to lick Master's cock for his morning blow job. Master pushed my head away and said not this morning.

I looked up confused. He said not this morning. Stunned I was expecting him to want to fuck me. The man had a raging hard on. He said no sex.

Mistake, I said "what the fuck." He then asked me, if I needed to go to the bathroom? I said I do. He told me stay put. When he came back he had the 4 way bondage cuffs the ball gag and the inflatable vibrating butt plug. My wrist and ankles were bound together behind me. The ball gag was placed in my mouth. Btw it is the one I hate, which is a long penis shaped gag. Finally, with a little lube, he placed the anal plug in my ass and inflated it to my threshold to stand it.

With a few tears in my eyes and the general look of disbelief, he flipped the vibrator to high. I am squirming and struggling and realize I need to urinate. I need to urinate bad. Master tells me he will be back later and that he hopes I learn my lesson.

I heard the door close and thought I was left bound and being vibrated alone. My brain starts fucking with me. What if there is a fire. What if someone breaks in. I am laying their having a panic attack. After only about 10 minutes, which seemed like a hour to me, Master steps back in the room. He had never left. He removed the cuffs from my ankles and took me to the bathroom where I relieved myself.

He leads me back to the bed, re cuffs my ankles and pulls the hood over my head. My ass is throbbing. My sex is throbbing. My mind is going wild. An hour later, master turns off the vibrator and removes the plug. He removed the gag from my mouth. He starts talking softly to me. He ask me, "do you understand you are not in charge?" I whimpered, "yes." He then told me that I deserved what I got.

I was naked the rest of the day in high heels cleaning our home. When I was done I went and took a bath. I was still a little mad and hurt. I figured I got what I deserved and figured I would leave it at that. Master came into the bathroom and looked down on me and I thought I had fucked up again. I was thinking now what? he took off his clothes and slide in the bath behind me. After a few minutes of hugging and kissing me he fucked me. He told me he loved me.

I am a lucky girl.
Fan Mail from Flounders
Posted:Jan 11, 2018 12:05 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 1:15 am

Ok, I just thought I would write a blog with the most frequently asked questions of me. The FAQs so to speak. Perhaps it will save you some time.

1. I will not pee poop on you for any reason. Also add I am not interested in you cleaning my asshole after I poop.

2. I am not a hooker. I don't fuck for . Well maybe 25 million minimum. OH yes, Cash up front regardless of performance. Fossils are never free.

3. My Master will decide if you are worthy of my body. Oh yes, telling me you can fuck like no other man, doesn't in Peoria or with my Master. He fucks me just fine.. My Master is going to ask you what is in it for him?

4. I am not a dome or a switch. It would be a pathetic and amusing exercise to see me try. It is just not in my DNA.

5. What to do when you visit Chicago? That's a great question for google. I am not Alexia, or Suri or your personal Barbie Tour Guide.

6. I do not sell my panties or anything else. (Check earlier blog.) My bras and panties have to match. I am OCD about that.

I hope that gave you your chuckle for today.

My Daily LIfe as a Married Slave
Posted:Jan 10, 2018 8:59 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2018 9:00 am

Hello my friends,

I have been asked by a few members what my daily routine is like now that I am a working professional woman, married slave to my master. I have never had a good life balance. I have tried to be better at it, but I always seem to go one extreme to the other. To much work, to much play and to exhausted to think.

Now, my life balance is wonderful. I don't miss looking for a Master. The endless meetings which were mostly disappointments. Many men think they are dominant and are truly sadist. Some woman treated them badly and now they want to fuck a woman hard, beat her and screw with her head. That is not dominance that is sadism.

My Master treats me extremely well. My wedding band has inscribed on the inside, "My Most Precious Possession." I am his. I am his property. I want to be his property, because he takes very good care of me. I am not satisfied with my life I am ecstatic about my life.

So daily I serve his every need both sexual and emotional. He only goes to work with full balls if he is traveling. I go to work with the taste of his cock in my mouth and the waist chain locked to remind me I am owned. Everyone in my life has seen the change.

When I am home I love wearing his shirt. The way it smells of him. I know when he comes home he will renew my love for him. When he lifts me off the ground and kisses my breath away I nearly orgasm from the moment.

Other than my time at work and his time at work, I am his and he knows it.

Happy New Year
Posted:Jan 1, 2018 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2018 1:18 pm

Happy New Year fellow kinksters

I had a fantastic year in 2017. I started the year with only the prospect of a Master and ended the year a married slave. I am in love with him and could not be happier.

So what does 2018 look like? More kinky sex growing as a couple. We are going to Europe this summer We have so much planned.

My advise to masters and slaves. Be yourself. Set your desires before your limits. Give your all to your master. Masters need to be sure their subs get the closeness and security they need. Subs will swallow your cum let your spank them and hard if at the end they know you care about them. Subs aren’t holes to be used. We are people as well. My Master has enjoyed me many times hard. But always protected me

Love you all

What is it with cock pics?
Posted:Dec 27, 2017 9:21 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2017 8:57 pm

I don’t want to see a picture of your cock. Let me give you a hint girls don’t look first at a guys cock. We are not guys. I know you look at my boobs and ass first. That’s being a guy. Girls look at height shape arms and chest first.

I’m only interested in your cock being hard when we are ready to fuck

So don’t be a dick and save the pic. Show me your strong arms and chest. That gets me wet.

This PSA was brought to you out of concern. Some of you will never escape the basement with a dick pic.
Merry Christmas my friends.
Posted:Dec 22, 2017 3:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2017 8:33 pm

I hope all of you have a great Christmas and enjoy some naughty time with a loved . And if not a loved perhaps a liked .

It has been a fabulous year for me. I am a very lucky girl. I have found my Master and he has found his slave. We are bound together forever. To think a year, ago we barely knew each other. i guess when you find the right its like fire and gasoline.

I have to admit i had my doubts. My Master, Daniel was to good to be true. I figured when he found out everything about me, he would be like so many others, fuck me a few times and run away. He told me that we were connected on a level he never experienced. He told me we move like the tides in perfect harmony.

I suppose he meant it. He married me and took me on a dream hymoon. I keep wondering if i will wake up and it will have been just a sweet dream. I love him more everyday. There is nothing i would not do for him. I am his genie. His wish is my command.

We am going on our Christmas vacation to visit his family and mine. I hope every who reads this finds their soulmate in 2018.

I love you all
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An interesting email from a fetlifer.
Posted:Dec 14, 2017 6:29 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2017 7:49 pm

Ok, I had to share this email with all my blog lovers. I don't write as much as i use to but i am a busy girl.

Jenna, you are a lovely girl and your master is a lucky man. I wish i were him. To find such a girl who wants to be owned and wants to be a slave. You are truly rare.

I had a question for you and I hope you don't mind me asking. What type of bondage do you enjoy most and why?

regards simon.

I love all kinds of bondage. I have tried a lot of different things, but if you are corning me to choose , i would say spread eagle bondage on the bed. Tied face down, a pillow under my hips, and stretched tightly. I like being totally less and when tied this way, moving is nearly impossible. But what i like most is being squished while i am being fucked. The w of my master and the ropes spreading me enhance the sex. His w makes me more less, but also makes it hard for me to breathe. The loss of control, being unable to breather easily, the orgasm rocks me.

I hope that answers your question and I hope you don't mind me sharing you email.

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How is married life?
Posted:Dec 10, 2017 9:52 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2017 7:02 pm

The most asked question i have had since i got married is, "how is married life?" i don't mind the question mind you, but a better question is how are you since you got married?

Now, for the answer, my husband and Master, has gone out of his way to love me. I have never been with a man so committed to me. My Master is my king. I do worship him and feel lucky he is in my life. Our life together has gotten better and more exciting.

I lived with Master prior to getting married so we were already comfortable around each other. Changing my name and changing all of our assets to a couples assets has been interesting.

There is one thing that changed when we got married and it was me. I was never a needy girl. I had wants but never needs when it came to relationships. Now i am this needy slave girl who must have her Master's attention. Master in a relaxed moment told me I was the perfect wife and slave. I asked him why and his answer was simple, I made him important in my life.

So now he loves when i jump into his lap on the sofa with a blanket. I want to feel his skin against mine. I love riding him and then letting him finish in my mouth. I love him

So how is married life? A dream come true.

Recent IM from a fellow Fetlifer
Posted:Nov 8, 2017 12:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2017 8:00 pm

Him: I want to fuck you. I can take you places with my big cock no one could.

Me. Thanks for the offer but I am recently married to my Master. I am also his slave.

Him: Tell your master I want to fuck you.

Me: Sure, but he is not going to let you fuck me for free. He is going to want something in return.

Him: Whats that?

Me: You will probably have to suck him off first.

Him: Ok, but after I fuck you.

Me: It doesn't work that way. He is the Master and he will decide who and what gets done first.

Him: You want to fuck me right?

Me: Not really. Nothing personal but you are not my type. Also, I can't emphasize this enough, I am a slave. What I want doesn't matter. My Master decided what I do.

Me: No I don't want to fuck you.

Him: You are a sub so be a sub and come fuck me.

Me: yes I am a sub, actually even more personal a slave. However I am not your slave. Get it??????????????????????????????

Him: So do you want to fuck me or not?

Me; You know you just cant fix stupid.
Happily Married to my Master
Posted:Oct 23, 2017 7:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 1:15 am

Good morning Alters!

I am pre-apologizing for any grammar and spelling issues with this blog. I am so badly jet lagged. I am in that weird exhausted but enable to sleep place. Bora Bora is paradise. if you want a great place to go that's it. The French definitely knew how to pick them. While Master went off to work today, I have the pleasure of another week of vacation. Yea me!!

So update for anyone who cares. I was married in Florida on October 14. The wedding was the best day of my life. Perfect, beautiful and happy. After being a born again virgin for 3 weeks, Master fucked me between the wedding and the reception. The wedding dress needs a little cleaning now. Our wedding night was wonderful and our honeymoon to Bora Bora was fantastic.

Master has agreed to allow me to remain on Alt to stay in touch with friends. I am not here to have sex with anyone so don't ask. Master owns me and will decide if I ever get to be with anyone else. He doesn't seem interested in sharing me.

Just fair warning, if you are disrespectful, I will block you permanently.


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