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A Dance 21 Jan 18 9:05 pm
Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my life with his words Killing me softly with his song 24 Jan 18 9:00 pm
Don't leave me in all this pain Don't leave me out in the rain Come back and bring back my smile 20 Jan 18 8:55 pm
I could lose my heart tonight If you don't turn and walk away 'Cause the way I feel I might 20 Jan 18 8:48 pm
You look in my eyes And I get emotional inside I know it's crazy But you still can touch my heart 22 Jan 18 8:42 pm
Hit the beat now Lost in emotion 24 Jan 18 8:33 pm
Where do you go, my lovely Where do you go I want to know, my lovely, I want to know 24 Jan 18 8:27 pm
Constant Craving... 25 Jan 18 8:25 pm
I still remember the first time You've said that you love me You held me in your arms and said 24 Jan 18 8:17 pm
She was fine, the girl was from the projects She had long brown hair and a body beyond compare 11 Jan 18 8:03 pm
If you can feel what I am feeling Then the truth is just believing 9 Jan 18 7:55 pm
I remember when we first started You came to me and you were broken hearted 9 Jan 18 7:41 pm
I'm on fire My emotions run so deep You vowed to love me 10 Jan 18 7:32 pm
As I sat by my window just thinking of you The pain and deception which broke my heart in two 8 Jan 18 7:23 pm
The Un Cola Nut Blogging 58 Jan 18 7:16 pm
It's been so long girl since I felt this way So many times you stole my heart away 8 Jan 18 7:10 pm
Walking sadly through the park I hear crying in the darkness And though I act like I cannot hear 10 Jan 18 6:57 pm
I feel the chill Don't let me freeze Make that heat and passion 10 Jan 18 6:46 pm
The eyes have it 70 Jan 18 5:29 pm
Fuck like a feminist! 48 Jan 18 5:25 pm

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