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I Started young....
Posted:Aug 20, 2015 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2018 7:59 pm
Hi everybody. So many people have asked me when i realized that Men are Superior. i thought about it and realized that it was something that happened when i was about 16. Here's what happened:

It was a hot, hot summer day and i was bored. i decided to walk up to the gas station to get a soda. i was wearing a tube top, some pretty short shorts and was barefoot. As i walked to the gas station, i took a shortcut through the back of a small shopping center. The back door of the pizza place was open and there was a guy standing there. He was about 20 and obviously worked there. As i walked by he asked me if i wanted to get high. i said sure! He took me in the back door and down this back hallway to the employees Men's room. i went in with him and he closed the door. It was a small room, just a toilet and sink - not too clean. It all happened so fast -the next thing i know, he grabs me, bends me over the sink and pulls my tube top down! He stands behind me, his groin pressing into me, pinning me against the sink. He reaches around and starts playing with my nipples. i begged "please don't.." but he didn't stop. He whispers in my ear, “take off those fucking shorts”. i'm scared now so i pull them down - still pinned against the sink. The shorts slide down to my ankles and i step out of them and he kicks them to the side. Now im just in my panties, bent over the sink getting my nipples played with.

Now he leans in and in my ear says, "so what's your name bigtits?". i squeek out that my name is ashley but he grinds into me and says louder, "no - i said what's your name BIGTITS?". i cry that my name is ashley. He smacks me on the ass and says "I said what's your name BIG-TITS?". i finally got it and said "my name is bigtits". Now he pulls me up and slams me against the wall. He takes a marker and writes the word BIGTITS across my boobs saying that now i won't forget... Then he bends me back over the sink and asks me my name....i say “my name is bigtits”. "Oh really", he says, "why do they call you bigtits, bigtits?'. i said "um...because i have big tits..". With that he rips my panties off and sides his cock into me. He fucks me hard calling me bigtits and slut while i just beg him to stop. He keeps making me say my name is bigtits while he fucks me and smacks my ass again and again. It takes him a long time, but he finally cums inside me and then pulls out to shoot some cum on my ass too. He then tells me to hurry up and get dressed. i quickly pull up my tube top and put my shorts back on (i have no panties now..). He grabs my arm and leads me quickly to the back door and as i walk through the door, he slaps my ass and says "see you around, bigtits".

On the walk home, i could feel his cum on my ass making my shorts stick to my skin. i wanted to get home as quick as possible so i cut through this wooded area. It was a little rough on my bare feet, but i didn't care. Along the path i came across these two guys. They wouldn't let me pass..asked me if i knew what a toll road was. i said i didn't have any money and begged and begged them to leave me alone. i must've said “please” a hundred times. They noticed the words written across my chest. The one guy, who was bigger, said that there were other ways to pay than with money and he pulled my top down.. he started calling me bigtits and pinched my nipples then pulled down, forcing me to my knees. He took his cock out and made me suck it. The other guy kept saying things like “that's right..gag that slut..suck it good bitch”...stuff like that. After sucking him for a long time, He came in my mouth and said,” swallow it all slut”. i swallowed...he pulled out of my mouth. Next thing, the other guy grabbed me by the hair and forced his dick in my mouth. He held my hair and was really, really rough. Kept calling me names..oh god..he was so rough. After a while of that he told me to hold my tits up for him. i held them up and he pulled out and shot a huge load of cum all over my face and tits. It was dripping down from my tits all over my legs. They said i could go but had to leave my top down and crawl on my hands and knees with my cum covered tits hanging down. i crawled away with his cum dripping off me as i heard their laughing...after a while i got up and could hear them yelling for me. i started running and didn't stop or look back until i got home.

After a long shower – the marker ink didn't really come off, i laid on my bed thinking about what had happened to me. i realized that i had no choice in what happened and if Men want to do that to me, there is nothing i can do but take it. i came to the conclusion that because i looked the way i do, Men would want to do these things to me and really, there was not much i could do about it, just accept that in the world, Men are stronger and women are inferior to them and must submit to their desires.
Bulk IM responses
Posted:May 31, 2018 6:59 pm
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2018 6:20 am
Warning: bimbo bitch mode ON (see bitch face pic)

Please allow me to give bulk answers to the last 50+ IM messages I got..and pre-answer the next 50:




(just answered about 30…)

i’m fine

BLOCK (just sent a dick pic without me a pic of a dick is gonna do sumthin” my other blogs for a lesson…)

What am I doing? Answering messages from guys who obviously have nothing to say

What do I seek? (who the fuck actually talks like that??) hey - how ‘bout READ my profile and blogs and see if you can figure it out…

?? (some can’t even form a sentence...just random words)

i’m really really sorry...but I just can’t answer 30+ messages hi, hru, what are u if that’s what you’re sending don’t expect me to answer. Yes, I know you’ll say that Men are Superior and I am just an inferior woman...a big titted bimbo – well then show me! Make me believe it….PLEASE..pleasepleaseplease...i’m begging...if you don’t have something to say just don’t bother

we now return you to your dumb bigtitted bimbo….
What i did on my winter vacation
Posted:Mar 9, 2018 7:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2018 12:39 pm
i know a lot of you have asked why i haven’t written any more blogs lately. Well the truth is after all the awful scary stuff that happened to me i’ve been careful and really not gone out much. Most of my blogs are about bad things that happened to me so thought i would tell you about a pretty good time i had recently.

Some of you know that the Man who visits me when He’s in town and takes care of me is a private jet pilot for really rich people. He usually does treat me very good (except for that Trump thing..ohhh) but no question that He is in charge. A couple months ago He said i was going on a trip to the Caribbean(and not to pack much..) for a special party on a big yacht. Yay! i was flown to the island of Grenada where a little boat took me and some other girls out to a huge yacht. OMG it was SO BIG and beautiful! Like HUGE! We were not allowed to wear shoes to protect the polished floors (most of the Men that night wore rubber sole shoes but all the girls were barefoot..). In fact, for my two days onboard, all i wore was a pair of thong bikini bottoms. i was topless the whole time!

There was to be a party that evening and me and the other nearly naked girls were hostesses. We were to refill the drinks of the Men, light their cigars, and serve snacks. i think i did more of the serving as most of the other girls were younger and prettier than me and the Men seemed to focus more on them. We girls also took turns dancing...some with the Men..some on tabletops. The Men were all older, wealthy and i’m thinking very powerful and important. Our phones were taken from us and no cameras or pictures allowed. Very secret (although i really don’t know who these Men were...and no names were given...we just had to say Yes Sir...or No Sir (well..i guess there probably weren’t any no Sirs..giggle) it wasn’t like they were famous movie stars or anything..just rich, powerful older Men).

Nothing really bad was kind of fun. One guy did corner me outside on deck and just wanted to talk. As he talked he started playing with my nipples. i giggled, sighed and moaned a little but he had a good touch and it wasn’t too bad (after about a half hour my nipples were really sore but i just stood there and took it..). He was really drunk and finally had to sit down where he basically just passed out. i went back inside to find that most of the girls had gone off with the Men for some private fun. There was one guy left who was so nice. i sat with him and we chatted. i thought he needed some release so, on my knees i went and first he titfucked me then i gave him a blowjob. After, he fell asleep on the couch and i curled up next to him and slept too.

The next day everyone was pretty hungover. Most of us girls sunbathed on deck while the Men fished off the back and shot guns to hit those little round thingys ...i don’t remember what its Pull..shoot. After a while, when we got closer to land, us girls were put in the small boat and taken back to the dock. We were taken to a nice little hotel on the beach and we hung out on the beach until it was time to catch our flight back the next day.

So it was fun...i’m sorry to disappoint those of you that only want bad things to happen to me. Hope the rest of you enjoyed it.

why is this stuff happening to me so much?
Posted:Aug 25, 2017 9:50 pm
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2018 2:31 pm

I just got back from Walmart. i know its kinda late but I had to just get a few things. The store wasn’t too busy. The lotion i used was on the bottom shelf and as i bent over to get it, i felt a hand on my ass...i froze for a second, not believing it then spun around to see this redneck guy with a scraggly beard in shorts, t-shirt (with rebel flag on it) and a red Make America Great Trump hat(oh god..).

i said what the hell are you doing? He laughed and said nice tits. i told him fuck you.

That’s when he grabbed me by the hair and pushed me against the shelves. i gasped and dropped the things in my hands and he got real close to my face and said, no..fuck you bitch…

i was so scared..couldn’t even scream..i squeeked out i’m sorry. He pushed me down to my knees..i just said...please...please..i’m sorry. i saw him move his hand to his crotch like he was going to pull out his..ohgod..i was so scared. But then he let go of me, called me a fucking bitch and walked away...i got up , leaving all my stuff on the floor, and went the opposite way and quickly ran out of the store.
i’m so shaken. What is going on? Its like these scary situations are happening to me more and more.
i don’t think i can do this anymore after what i went through today
Posted:Jul 26, 2017 3:48 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 6:29 pm
i’ve spent the last few hours crying and throwing up. In the past, writing about it has helped me so i’m gonna try.

i’ve done things like this several times in the past year for a man who is a member on this site. The first time, with the cable repair man was good, the next few times, not so good but i knew he was enjoying controlling me..but this time OMG! So bad!

It usually starts with an IM telling me to say what a dumb bimbo i am...then it begins. Today, i was instructed by him to go out on my back porch, which faces a golf course, wearing a little tank top and shorts. He was also very specific that i be barefoot when i went outside. i was told to lean against the glass door and touch myself until some golfers came along. i did as told.

i was told to remove my shorts so only in my thong and lift my top exposing my boobs. i did manage to pull my top down as a golfer came by and saw me. i called him over. He was probably late 50’s and sunburned from the golf course.

i had been instructed to invite him into my apartment, hand him my phone and ask him to please chat with my friend as i was having a problem with messaging. After he took the phone, i was to kneel with my head bowed and not speak until told to (i admit, i found this part hot…).

i have no idea what was said but after he looked at the messages for a minute, i was told to strip. Still on my knees, i did. Next i was told to say that i was a dumb bimbo...i i was ordered to suck his cock. i did.

As i sucked, i thought i heard the camera taking pics. When i looked later, found he had snapped pics of me sucking him and more from later when he had me bent over the table, fucking me from behind. i hope to God he didn’t send them to anyone..and i’m deleting them, so don’t ask! Ohhgoddpleaseno!

Several times he slapped me and called me names. The slaps kept getting harder and i was getting really scared, but i kept sucking.

After he was done fucking me bent over the table, he slapped my ass and told me to make him a sandwich. i stumbled nude into the kitchen to try and find something to make the sandwich with. He shouted to make 2 sandwiches. i though he meant one for me but what i didn’t know yet is that he had texted his friend to come over.

When his friend arrived, i was still naked and had to serve them the sandwiches.

His friend was fat, balding and sweaty. He immediately pushed me against the wall and slapped my face and tits hard. He grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees, pulling my hair, making me crawl beside him. He took out his cock and made me suck, all the time holding my hair. He roughly face fucked me calling me every name in the book. He pulled me off and told me to open my mouth. i did and he spit in my mouth. He did that several times before shoving his dick back in. He also spit on my face and tits. I could feel it running down my body.

Next, he picked me up by the hair and pushed me against the sliding glass door, with my big boobs pressed against it, he proceeded to fuck me from behind. I don’t know how many people outside could see what was being done to me ...As he fucked me, He would spit on the glass and make me lick it off. After he finally came, he threw me down on the floor.

i was exhausted but it was time for the first guy to get off again so into my mouth his cock went. He didn’t take long though and quickly told me to hold up my tits for him. i was on my knees, presenting and he shot a load of cum all over my big tits. As i was taking his load, i heard the other guy groaning. He was peeing all over my living room carpet! It smells awful! Not just in one spot either, but spraying back and forth. OMG so disgusting! They left me there, covered in cum and in the middle of soaking carpet as they walked out the door laughing.

i’ve spent over an hour on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet but the smell is still there. i am so disgusted. i know that some of you will say i’m stupid and deserved it but this was so bad. i’m scared to stay here now and want to see if i can move. i know i don't ever want to do this again.

IM messages....we need to talk....
Posted:Jun 11, 2017 9:32 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 6:40 pm
Need to get this off my 36DDD chest...LOL ...... Every time i log on to instant messenger on this site i get
30+'s a sampling:






watch me cum on cam (..eww)




boss here (cause my screen name is bimbo4bosses but he didn't
bother to read my profile or blogs so really has no idea)

dom here (how the fuck am i supposed to respond to that??)



nice tits

Seriously now, if you got 30 IM's with "hey"
or "hi" would you bother to respond to each one?
i doubt it

One guy got mad at me and accused me of being a porn bot(?)
because i didn't respond to his multiple "hi"s.
i'm not a bot..i'm real and just don't want

Now, if i actually respond (and i usually don't cause
you've already shown you're fuckin boring..)
i get this:

how are you

how are you


(ok...everyone...30+ times...please just assume i'm fine..k?)

what;s up

what do you seek? (i hate that one...)

*dick pic (did i ask for one --um..NO!)BLOCK

the dick pic thing - guys, if its not
here in the room with us, women really aren't interested
in a pic - we do not go to pieces looking at a pic of your cock
(i know you like looking at it but....), likewise, i don't
get weak in the knees at the words "Dom here".
i even wrote out what i don't like (not into bondage
stuff or having your dog fuck me..don't want to watch
you jerk off on cam...)and more about me in my profile and
blog, plus also in the magazine section - no one fuckin'
reads! You just see tits and send that IM with "hey"
or BBC here or whatever and then when i ignore you, i'm
a bitch. and when i call you on it, you say, I'm a standard
member, can't view profiles ...again WTF? so you can't
upgrade your membership? (aww, what girl doesn't
love a cheapskate?...the answer is none!)..Guess you're
not serious. believe me, i feel really bad bitching like
this but i guess it doesn't matter cause none of you
guys will read this.....

gotta say, i'm disappointed in most of you guys..c'mon,
i'm on here for the same reason as you..some sexy excitement!
There have been a few that i've chatted with and you
guys really get me hot!! and we've had very sexy fun
together...Here's a clue for the rest of you..these
guys were imaginative, took the time to read my profile/stories/blogs
and looked at all the many pics i've posted and were
descriptive and engaging from the very first IM

Basically i'm just writing this to get it out of my system.....feel
like i'm gonna scream otherwise, i've written
about it several times before with no result.....because
i know none of you bother to read. You just see tits and IM...."hey"

OMG..this happened ass hurts so bad..and I don’t even know what I did wrong…
Posted:Apr 7, 2017 6:40 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2018 6:12 am
It was late morning and i was just stepping out of the shower when i heard someone banging...i mean BANGING on my front door so i wrapped a towel around me and went to the door….

It was Him...why didn’t he use His key?...He usually texts me when He’s coming into town but i hadn’t heard anything from Him in a few months….since the Trump thing.

i threw my arms around Him to kiss Him but He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and turned me around while yanking off my towel. Now naked, he led me by the hair into the small guest bathroom and bent me over the sink.

He hadn’t said a single word but i could tell He was really pissed at me. i heard Him unzip and knew what was coming….i said...wait...please...what’s wrong?..wait...not like this...please...did i do something wrong??...i’m sorry...please..i’m sorry...UNHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i wasn’t ready but He roughly forced His big cock into my ass….dry..and all the way in without mercy….OMG it hurt so bad...i tried to tell myself to relax but i couldn’t, feeling His anger….i let out a yell….followed by another i’m sorry (still don’t know for what..)...but He was not going to let up...He was punishing me….

He still has not said a single word. The only sounds are His grunting, my moaning and begging for forgiveness and mercy along with the sounds of Him slamming into my ass with such force that my big tits are swinging and slapping together…

After what seemed like forever, i can feel Him throbbing in my tight ass and know He will cum soon...He begins to cum in my ass but then pulls out to shoot cum on my ass, lower back and also some goes on the counter top. He zips up and is gone…

As i try to get myself steady on my feet, i can hear the sounds of a car outside. My legs are like rubber as i stumble out of the bathroom to find that He’s left my front door wide open and a car, which was probably His uber that He told to wait is driving out of the parking lot. i go to close the front door, cum running down my legs now and dripping onto the floor.

My poor asshole is so swollen and there’s some blood. i am so sore..still don’t know what i did to deserve this...

Trump post update...
Posted:Jan 16, 2017 8:14 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2017 5:29 am

UPDATE:.. im kinda scared...the Man who made me do the Trump post just contacted me and told me he's coming into town on Friday and during Mr Trump's innaguration he is going to do this to me again...write on my boobs and fuck my ass while i have to keep saying im a dumb bimbo and im sorry over and over...only this time he's threatning to stream it live on FB! OMG...he said he would..unless i can change his mind...don't know what im gonna do..ohhgodplease...
why do i buy shoes? bimbo thoughts...
Posted:Nov 18, 2016 2:22 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2017 9:08 pm
i have all these shoes...i mean lots...but most of the time i'm barefoot...wonder if that means something??? dunno.... gigglz
apology to President Trump
Posted:Nov 10, 2016 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2018 7:12 pm
Dear Mr. President Trump,
i am just a dumb bigtitted bimbo
i am so so sorry i thought a woman could be president
shows how dumb i pussy is yours to grab
i had to post this pic as part of my punishment
ashley, a dumb bimbo


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