bimbo4bosses 37F  
299 posts
6/11/2017 9:32 pm
IM messages....we need to talk....

Need to get this off my 36DDD chest...LOL ...... Every time i log on to instant messenger on this site i get
30+'s a sampling:






watch me cum on cam (..eww)




boss here (cause my screen name is bimbo4bosses but he didn't
bother to read my profile or blogs so really has no idea)

dom here (how the fuck am i supposed to respond to that??)



nice tits

Seriously now, if you got 30 IM's with "hey"
or "hi" would you bother to respond to each one?
i doubt it

One guy got mad at me and accused me of being a porn bot(?)
because i didn't respond to his multiple "hi"s.
i'm not a bot..i'm real and just don't want

Now, if i actually respond (and i usually don't cause
you've already shown you're fuckin boring..)
i get this:

how are you

how are you


(ok...everyone...30+ times...please just assume i'm fine..k?)

what;s up

what do you seek? (i hate that one...)

*dick pic (did i ask for one --um..NO!)BLOCK

the dick pic thing - guys, if its not
here in the room with us, women really aren't interested
in a pic - we do not go to pieces looking at a pic of your cock
(i know you like looking at it but....), likewise, i don't
get weak in the knees at the words "Dom here".
i even wrote out what i don't like (not into bondage
stuff or having your dog fuck me..don't want to watch
you jerk off on cam...)and more about me in my profile and
blog, plus also in the magazine section - no one fuckin'
reads! You just see tits and send that IM with "hey"
or BBC here or whatever and then when i ignore you, i'm
a bitch. and when i call you on it, you say, I'm a standard
member, can't view profiles ...again WTF? so you can't
upgrade your membership? (aww, what girl doesn't
love a cheapskate?...the answer is none!)..Guess you're
not serious. believe me, i feel really bad bitching like
this but i guess it doesn't matter cause none of you
guys will read this.....

gotta say, i'm disappointed in most of you guys..c'mon,
i'm on here for the same reason as you..some sexy excitement!
There have been a few that i've chatted with and you
guys really get me hot!! and we've had very sexy fun
together...Here's a clue for the rest of you..these
guys were imaginative, took the time to read my profile/stories/blogs
and looked at all the many pics i've posted and were
descriptive and engaging from the very first IM

Basically i'm just writing this to get it out of my system.....feel
like i'm gonna scream otherwise, i've written
about it several times before with no result.....because
i know none of you bother to read. You just see tits and IM...."hey"

bimbo4bosses 37F  
32 posts
6/11/2017 9:36 pm

i'm really sorry to sound like such a bitch...i'll go back to being your dumb bigtiited bimbo now.......giggle

SirLancealot1 44M
3 posts
6/11/2017 9:43 pm

Thanks for sharing your blog and this post. Now on your knee's like a good little big titted

bimbo4bosses replies on 6/11/2017 9:46 pm:
ohhhh........yes Sir....

imagrlforU 35F  
2087 posts
6/11/2017 10:33 pm

sorry to hear you are going through this, but your attributes are overwhelming to men. Another my place to say, but you are attractive enough to show a little less and perhaps you will attract a different type of man.

Or you could consider playing for the other team..... 👀

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment..... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Raven_GB 56M
359 posts
6/11/2017 10:40 pm

The simple greetings should be forgiven as you never know if they get seen. Sending a beautifully crafted, eloquent invitation to lude discussions or rampent participatory sex is just a bi daft if the message never even gets read, let alone responded to.

The other side of the coin is when guys get messages (usually from Ghana) of some pretty young thing wanting to be their 24/7 sex slave and love them forever! Really? Is anybody that stupid?

C'est la vie (for what it's worth, I'm not a fan of big tits!).

servantjimmild74 40M
910 posts
6/11/2017 11:16 pm

As a rule I always say hi, hello or similar because I try to be polite. I certainly would never be rude, even jokingly unless I had spoken to them before and knew it was ok.

Just one slight issue, pink on grey is vertically unreadable on an iPad x

Utka 23F  
2 posts
6/11/2017 11:17 pm

yep, you've perfectly explained why i rarely use im anymore

Pauliepaul4u 60M
235 posts
6/11/2017 11:26 pm

Is this what most people *men* write? Nobody would blame you if you never answered an IM again.
Conversation seems to be a thing of the past but I know that if want someone to take notice I need to engage their mind first.
Yes you're attractive, yes you have amazing breasts (see I did notice), but you also have a working thinking brain.
Paul x

bimbo4bosses replies on 6/12/2017 6:35 am:
thank you!...i knew there were some intelligent Men out are one!

Mrs_Peal 55F  
11 posts
6/11/2017 11:52 pm


Mrs_Peal 55F  
11 posts
6/11/2017 11:53 pm

How are you?

opus20002 57M  
74 posts
6/12/2017 3:59 am

And why are you apologizing? No need to. They don't get it, you are being blunt, since they don't get it No apologies needed.

bimbo4bosses replies on 6/12/2017 6:36 am:
...sorry...i mean sorry i apologized..i mean..oh shoot...sorry

sissykevin2 53M
201 posts
6/12/2017 4:14 am

Hazards of being a big tit bimbo I guess

Dreamcatcher__ 81M  
4411 posts
6/12/2017 6:45 am

What I can't figure out is that you've got 141 supposedly active friends, and you can't find anyone to talk to? Why are you fucking around on IM?

The second thing I can't figure out is why you'd want to be in Florida? Of all the boring states to be in, Florida must be at the top of the list. Your IM interlocutors merely reflect what they expect someone in Florida's monosyllabic vocabulary to be.

This July, when you're sitting on a flat beach on your flat peninsula looking out at a placid, flat ocean and sweating your sweet little ass off, think of me in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia next to a spring-fed mountain lake and drop me an email and I'll fly you up here and save you from your boredom. (If you get on your knees and beg nicely like a good girl )

lovesoraland 64M
32 posts
6/12/2017 6:50 am

No wonder you don't answer when I IM you.

forxxxwishes 45M
14 posts
6/12/2017 9:52 am

You have a working thinking brain. keep thinking

LordLobo_13 55M
103 posts
6/12/2017 4:43 pm

well, I am one who is guilty of using the simple "hello there" opening - thinking its polite... that being said - the next time I have the opportunity to engage you - I will be more engaging and imaginative... and I agree - your should vent your frustrations without any apology... some guys - just don't get it - don't get you... and you are a very special "dumb" big titted bimbo... keep speaking your mind and keep up your blog...

now - bend at the waist and spread your beautiful cheeks... you truly have many ASSets... LL

LordLobo_13 55M
103 posts
6/12/2017 4:47 pm

oh, and just so you know - those black rimmed glasses - mmm... perfect for what I have in mind... ~~chuckles~~~ LL

VladVampireLord 43M  
5231 posts
6/12/2017 5:49 pm

One day you will be a wrinkled sagging titty bitch and only get 15 + messages...

The world is a vampire set to drain...

sir_sadistic2012 46M
10 posts
6/12/2017 11:53 pm

perfect answer!!!

jaykay48 69M
10873 posts
6/13/2017 6:33 am

You project yourself as a helpless, rather dim-witted easily humiliated woman with low self-esteem who enjoys and welcomes humiliation and pain (accompanied by very suggestive photos of yourself with everything hanging out) and then you complain about the humiliating, dim-witted comments you receive?

Either you are helpless, dim-witted and enjoy being humiliated or you're smarter than than everyone who comments and IMs you, and either:

1) you just found a new hobby.
2) This is all part of your dissertation
3) You have a very weird sense of humor and you need to get out more.
4) You are searching for 'the One' .
5) None of the above.

In any case, your photos are very pleasant to look at and I wish you luck in whatever your goal is.

bimbo4bosses replies on 6/13/2017 9:09 am:
im not complaining about humiliating comments at least you have to think those complaining about the number of IMs i get where all they say is hi..hru..and then have nothing else...i want Men are supposed to be smarter than a dumb bimbo...but if all you got is "hi"...

jaykay48 69M
10873 posts
6/13/2017 10:47 am

My fault. (I didn’t read carefully)
In that case….Here’s a little insight:

Given facts: Beautiful, sexy women are intimidating to many men.
The more beautiful and sexy, the more intimidating.

Some come to look at naked photos of attractive, sexy females so they can fantasize scenarios where we are safe and do not have to work hard interacting.

When we comment on a blog post you’re still not real enough to be intimidating.

IMs are more real than a blog post because the person is right there, in real time, responding to what we write. That is, the realization that the person on the other end is sitting at a computer aware that we are sitting at a computer. There are expectations. (For a rational, coherent, respectful, (and maybe even imaginative and entertaining) set of responses.)

The most accurate way of describing how many of us men feel under this kind of pressure is in this UTube scene from an old Honeymooner’s show starring Jackie Gleason: (Where he says his famous “Homina Homina, Homina”)

The first time I ever IM’d with a female was exhilarating and terrifying and wonderful. I think I did okay as far as responding in rational, coherent, respectful, (and maybe even imaginative and entertaining) manner but I remember shaking all over.

It’s survival of the fittest out there for all the males vying for your attention. I can see why you would complain about a “hi,” with no followup on an IM. Just understand, that in a case like that, they are probably saying “Homina Homina, Homina” on the other end.

bimbo4bosses replies on 6/13/2017 1:38 pm:
Lol..Thank you for that great explanation!

needasub64 53M
23 posts
6/13/2017 2:54 pm

while I'm sure that they are simply looking at your tits, it could be that you are also drop dead gorgeous and they don't have a clue how to deal with that!

tennmanforu 62M
15 posts
6/13/2017 6:00 pm

What a set of lovely tits im me we can talk and i can say more than 1 word

Tbill1 51M
856 posts
6/14/2017 8:47 am

Well, I'm sure you felt better after getting all that off your chest. I believe you get those responses on IM but it is a lot different from what I get, which isn't much... Mostly guys on here of course.


worshipmymeat 41M  
50 posts
6/15/2017 5:35 pm

I am glad you got that off of your 36DDD's B4B!!!

Now there is room for the big, thick, juicy load of cum that I want to shoot on them, and then have you lick the cum off of those luscious huge tits of yours!

Then clean the rest off the head of my cock, and thank your Sir for a nice protein filled snack!

Then let's go to the beach b4b!!!!


Sir L

Ghost90025 52M
107 posts
6/15/2017 11:13 pm

Men are idiots...I love the photo you included on this post.

CountryDom55 62M
6 posts
6/16/2017 6:46 pm

Hey what you forget is that most men believe that the prize between our legs is what they think is their best feature and just want to their best foot forward.
Besides a picture is worth a thousand words.
Unfortunately it is just four words repeated 250 times
" Hi I am stupid"

Pauliepaul4u 60M
235 posts
6/16/2017 11:50 pm

I asked to be "friends" because I saw past your obviously amazing boobs. You're an intelligent young woman...........................I get it x

lickherslow1 55M
15 posts
6/17/2017 5:21 am

it's your blog it's your decision what you post on here...
now as you know most men are visual, hence all they know is look at the pictures but the smart men know women need mental stimulation to get turned on.
i know when i im a woman i'm for the most part polite ask a few things about them or their desires but like you say it's from reading noticing the small things.
seems to work for the most part for me... now do something about the fucking bullshit "slaves" & the flood of the new Mistresses fuck me sick of them

DjHypnosis 34M
9 posts
6/19/2017 5:00 am

Why would I formulate a humorous, coherent, enticing greeting only to get it over run by the many hi, hru's, and dick pics. The number of real men over the number of real women on this site are heavily lopsided in women's favor. Because of this, trying to grab the attention of one local female becomes so overwhelming that it basically becomes an endurance race to see who can grab your attention and who can maintain it. When the more appetizing IM's come about they merely get over looked. It's a fact. This chat is buggy and many times messages do not go through.

Now, I have sat here and tried doing this many times with women allover IM's. I've spent mornings sending out well thought-out, witty, funny, and intriguing messages as greetings. Guess what, still hit or miss with actually almost no inclination of getting a higher percentage chance of a response. Coming up with a great greeting usually has the same return rate on this website as the hi, hru, dick pic greetings. I'm also going to add that there are actually women on this site that have given me shit for NOT opening with a dick pic because they sincerely do get their rocks off on them. Go figure... Then we've got this dumb blonde bimbo telling us how much it bothers her by spouting out some kind of bullshit emotional ranting. Typical woman.

Another reason we men might not care to come up with something witty to amuse you is as simple as this, we're tired of trying. You put all this effort into getting one females attention, because let's face it there aren't many real ones on here, only to find yourself competing for it. You're lucky if you even get something back. I guess that's what we kind of sign up for, knowing how these websites work and all, but i guess that's also why a lot of women come on here as well, for the attention. Knowing all this, why would any man waste his money on a gold membership? FYI they gave me one for free. Even knowing all this, I for one will not compete for your attention. This is not a tournament, you are not a trophy. Get over yourself.

I've attached a picture of my cock... ENJOY!

ergeniusRm 42M
59 posts
6/20/2017 6:25 am

It's not my case. You'll see my im message.

DancingDom 68M  
8711 posts
6/21/2017 5:26 am

All the women here get those approaches, some more than most. Nude photos, those with sexual activity depicted and to a degree screen names will attract the lazy and the asshats.

Tell them Hey is for horses.
Just be yourself, be selective. Your attractive and obviously not shy. So you should be able to find some decent guys that fit your criteria.

Best to you.

"One Big Sky Covers Us All Equally"

wlkt11 54M  
77 posts
6/23/2017 8:57 pm

I think it's simply laziness. Those who send things like you listed believe that because you're on this site they have no need to actually be creative. It's sad really, with all you have to offer a little effort may well go a long way. You are indeed a very attractive and stacked woman and I hope your search for the right Master works out. He will be a very lucky and happy and likely tired man when that time comes.

chszarle1000 57M
77 posts
6/24/2017 12:10 am


Ixforqu 54M  
386 posts
6/27/2017 5:26 pm

When I was young, starting a conversation without adressing the opposite by any salutation and posing a formula concerning his/her health means rudeness or being unpolite - lack of manners and social skills. Now I am too old for Rock'n Roll - too young to die and social skills turned to be boring.

Men don't huddle in a male encounter group, before they enter chatrooms. Would they, they could arrange by drawing sticks, who today may use "Hi, hey, hello" in IM addressing every women and who is allowed to ask "How are you". Whole the rest will have to find other terms or leaving salutations to the wolves at all and fall straight through the virtual door with rough directness...

It is much harder to start a conversation with a stranger than to have the choice of leaning back, wait what comes along and respond to it or not. When getting tired of unwelcoming, redundant salutations and bored by questions about health, weather and actual intentions, just turn the page and play the reverse game - start a communication with a stranger by yourself. Just the way, you mean an ideal conversation should be started...

Good Night and may the legions of the Evil don't cross your path on your way to new experiences!
Finish a conversation in this style and you will never hear a single word from the conterpart, I bet.

calrule1 46M
22 posts
7/1/2017 5:36 am

Very impressive body bimbo. Its hard to come across bimbo meat like this so when you do it should be taken and used accordingly and with no mercy. 1102951

tennmanforu 62M
15 posts
7/1/2017 7:54 pm

im anytime we will have some fun

lovesoraland 64M
32 posts
7/3/2017 2:48 pm

You're popular!

frankella 54M
106 posts
7/3/2017 4:59 pm

you is one big tittie woman

ilkstoo2 56M
227 posts
7/5/2017 8:05 pm

I can see how that would be anoying.........but damn woman, nice tits!

calrule1 46M
22 posts
7/7/2017 3:37 am

With anything its a matter of being original and getting someone's attention. Hi and hello just doesn't do it so guys go that extra mile. Its a crap shoot plus this site isn't what it use to be. 1102951

Stefanatalie 20M/18F  
4 posts
7/8/2017 7:53 am

Im afraid its always the same and its probably always going to be like that. At least 90% of the time. Just gotta get through the bullshit like we're trying to do

Jammybob1234 59M  
19 posts
7/22/2017 12:24 am

great blog makes me think I better stop saying hi sorry about that must be more imaginative xxx

softslave00 32F
288 posts
7/25/2017 7:55 am

There are so many useless male bitches on this site. Kudos for trolling them. i take pleasure when they have their little boy temper tantrums. None of these sorry excuses for males know what to do with a woman

Babettebunny 69T  
189 posts
7/29/2017 11:34 am

Believe it or not I get much the same in IM and emails.

BossDom15 39M
23 posts
7/30/2017 1:24 pm

Being selective is a good thing on here. I've been here for years and people are very much the same...Mostly polite, but some are just...ugh!

I'd say that if someone simply says "hi" to give them a chance...they may well just be trying to be polite. Anything else...iggy-ville!

RP_Daddy 48M
16 posts
8/4/2017 9:24 am

Hilarious. You've got quite a wit. Loved your blog.

RP_Daddy 48M
16 posts
8/24/2017 10:06 am

such a hot piece of ass

DaddyMadeMe 37F  
1 post
9/5/2017 11:53 am

Dear B4B,
I've only been a member for a week but, gosh, you are so right about IM and the male cretins that lurk there. So many semi-literate and rude bozos, it really something. I really enjoyed your post.

PhillyMaster55 43M
2 posts
10/22/2017 8:29 pm

Your Boss needs you to take some dick-tation, bimbo. Great picture, I'd like to see you wearing those glasses, and nothing else.

ShapeYourDestiny 41M
8 posts
11/13/2017 8:33 am

What a good bimbo slut you are...

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