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Daydream Number Five: Part 2
Posted:Jun 28, 2017 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2017 4:35 pm
Daydream Number Five: Part 2

The time has come for me to give in to my desires. I so badly want to engulf you, take you in complete, feel you on the back of my throat and choke on you, but that will have to wait. I grab ahold of your shaft as my tongue traces the head of your cock, flicking the tip. My mouth is watering and my cunt is wet. The taste of you is intoxicating. I run my mouth down your length with the full width of my tongue and back up again. I need to feel you fully. My focus completely on you, I lick my lips and take you in deep. At the same time, you groan and I moan in pleasure. I make my way back up to the top. My hand returns to the base of your cock so that my hand can move in tandem with my mouth as I suck. Twisting a little as I move up and down. God, you feel so good. I place the pad of my thumb at the base, just above your balls and message as the tip of my tongue wildly licks the underside of the head of your cock. I see your phone drop. I look up at you to find your gorgeous blue eyes fixed upon me. I begin to suck as I keep eye contact. My hair keeps falling in my face. You comb my hair back, take the hair tie off my free wrist and put my hair back so you can see my expression. My lips tighten around your cock as I inch my way down your shaft. I start slowly bobbing my head down feeling you at the back of my throat. I pick up the pace then slowing down again. I love fucking my mouth with your cock. Savoring every moment of it. As if you could read my mind from earlier, you grab a hold of the back of my head, buck your hips into me, and fuck my throat voraciously. You hold my head down so I am choking on your cock. I can feel your cock tense inside of me. Your head flings back as your warm cum streams down my throat. Your grasp loosens as you lean back into the sofa. I crawl up onto the sofa with you, lay my head in your lap and clean you up. I can’t help but smile as I nestled into you and you rest your hand on top of my head.

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A Plain Wooden Box..(Story)
Posted:Jun 26, 2017 4:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2017 9:02 am
A Plain Wooden Box

When she came back in the evening, the first thing that She said to him was, “Oh, it’s only a plain wooden box.”

That morning, her birthday, he had brought her a cup of tea on a tray with a white cloth and a single red rose. Alongside the Rose was a small golden key on a chain. She had slipped it around her neck and gasped slightly at the cold as it nestled between her breasts. “It’ll soon warm up,” he had said with a smile. He noticed that she had gone to work wearing no other jewelry apart from her wedding ring.

“Whenever I had a quiet moment today, I toyed with my new key and wondered how much of you and your secretive ways I would unlock this evening.”

“Wait and see,” He replied, kissing her. He patted her bottom; to anyone watching it would seem as if he was just shooing her away, but this was a familiar sign between them: her eyes widened and her nostrils flared. His heart beat a little faster.

He put the finishing touches to the supper he had prepared, watching her in the mirror as she went into the bedroom. She left the door open for him. She undressed and let all her day clothes fall to the floor. She stretched like a cat. These simple movements always delighted him; two children, now grown up, had ripened her body without coarsening it. She looked good, with or without clothes on. When she came back from the loo, she put on a simple suspender belt which only seemed to emphasise her nakedness, smoothed on a pair of black stockings, clipping them in place and wrapped a silk gown, very full in the skirt but divided at the back all the way up to her waist, around her, tying it with a simple bow. She did not bother with bra or panties; he had made it clear already that there would be no need for them tonight. A pair of heels, a dab of scent and she was ready, pausing only for another wondering glance at the box.

There were flowers all around her place, the curtains were drawn, the candles were lit and Hungarian folk music played softly in the background. The meal was simple but had needed expert timing: a cheese and bacon soufflé, risen to perfection, sea bream, lightly poached in a buttery sauce with tarragon to give it an edge, a dry white wine, passion fruit sorbet. She ate slowly while he told her a long story about rescuing the sheep that had stood in the middle of the road, blocking his way across the moor when he had gone to buy fish from the quayside that morning. She ribbed him gently that he had not spent a great deal of the day writing his book.

He acknowledged her chiding with a nod of the head. She did not tell him how busy she had been all day and for that he respected her. He had written one successful novel after leaving his stressful job as an engineer but the second was taking much longer than either of them had expected. He enjoyed watching her as she relaxed, trying to conceal her curiosity about the plans he had in store for the rest of the evening.

The music came to an end and she got up as if to clear the table but, with a different tone to his voice, he ordered her to kneel down and unlock the box with the chain still around her neck. As she crouched over she received one hard slap across her rump, then as he helped her to her feet again, he caressed her more gently through the thin silk and silenced her with a kiss. They stood like that for a long time until she drew away slightly and raised one eyebrow. Working to his instructions, they stood each end of the box and lifted the lid away entirely, resting it against the wall for the moment. Four telescopic legs emerged from the box and were locked in place. Now the lid was turned over and fitted into place on the tops of the legs; there was a thick foam pad, covered in smooth black leather. He placed her so that she was standing with her legs apart, bending over at one end. She found herself looking straight into the mirror on the wall. Her torso was supported comfortably, but her clitoris felt a small protrusion; she squirmed slightly and received another slap that generated some more heat in her. There were two depressions in the foam pad where her breasts rested. He took some thick padded leather straps out of the box and attached them to the structure; two went round her ankles, two more round her thighs and two short broad straps either side of her waist were laced together on top to give a perfect fit. Two bars plugged into the front legs; her hands rested on the handles and she discovered that they were free to rotate; he fitted leather mitts over her hands to keep them in place. A leather strap came up between her legs. By now she was so wet that he felt no resistance as he inserted one dildo into her vagina. He lubricated a thinner one thoroughly and pressed it gently into her bottom. The strap fastened to the waist belt to keep them both in place. Wires led from these back into the box. He rearranged her skirt to cover her up again. Another rod plugged into the front of the platform and ended in a padded metal cage with a network of straps that supported her head leaving her jaw free. A thick rubber gag fitted in her mouth and was strapped in place. As he worked, the bulge in his trousers grew larger. Standing in front of her he asked how she felt: one wink meant, “Go on, I’m ready for more,” if she shut both eyes he would release her straight away. She winked and the reflection winked back. He walked all round her checking. She could not move at all. Her breathing was steady.

He took the key and fitted it into another keyhole. It completed a circuit and the three vibrators at her rear end started buzzing gently. Two others nuzzled at her breasts. Her nipples hardened as the silk moved under them. Her right hand controlled the sensation in her loins, her left, her breasts. Buttons on the grips determined which vibrator she was adjusting; she could set or change them together or separately. He explained that there were two buttons at the ends of the handlebars which she could reach with the tips of her little fingers. The right one would light up an orange lamp that meant, “Be careful.” The left, a red lamp which meant, “Stop.” She winked again. Finally, he drew her long ash blond hair out through the top of a leather hood and fitted it over her head, lacing it neatly up the back. Straps connected the hood with the waist belt, keeping her head upright. Pads over her eyes and ears took away her last contact with the real world and he had released her; she was free to soar wherever her imagination took her. He could hear her experimenting with the twist grips, varying the interplay of the sensations that assailed her. He left her and went to do the washing up. After all, he was highly aroused too and wanted to draw out the evening as long as possible.

When he came back, she was breathing faster. He undressed and sprang to attention. He gave her rump another slap: immediately an orange light warned him that she could not take much more. Going round in front of her he undid the gag. She took in several deep breaths, then pouted expectantly. He touched her lips with his penis. Her tongue came out and she licked at it as if it were an ice cream cornet that had been in the sun for too long. He moved away a bit and she tried to follow. He moved back in towards her and she opened her mouth. Her tongue worked furiously over and around the head of his penis then she opened her mouth fully and sucked him in greedily. He stood quite still and the vibrators whirred again. She bucked and heaved, moaned loudly and then he felt her tongue forcing him out of her mouth: clearly she was not ready for him to spend himself yet. For a time she stood quiet, only her legs trembling.

When her breathing had returned to normal, he refitted the gag, more loosely this time. Now he took a whip with many suede tails out of the box. Parting the curtains of her skirt he laid the tails over her bottom. She quivered and he heard her breathing later. He let the tails travel lightly over her cheeks, then he lifted them clear and he saw her muscles tighten. Bringing them down firmly, she moaned but the lights stayed off. After six strokes, her bottom was an even red color and the vibrators had started again. Taking his cue from the pitch of the buzzing, he gradually increased the tempo until she was writhing and moaning. Suddenly she arched her back, went rigid and the red light flashed on.

He took more attachments out of the box: two heavy handles like those on a suitcase. They fastened between the belt round her waist and the straps around her thighs, one either side. He undid the strap between her legs and the dildos slipped out of her. He disconnected them from their cables and went to wash the smaller one thoroughly. Last of all, he drew from the box a smooth metal ring bearing a lump the size of the top joint of his thumb, large enough to pass first one and then the other testicle through. His flaccid penis followed and as he fitted the ring in place it swelled up again. The smooth metal lump pointed towards his belly.

After a short pause, the pitch of the vibrators increased again and he knew that it was time to give her what she had been expecting all evening. He removed the gag, detached the straps, unlaced the hood and working as quickly as he could, removed the cage and everything that was holding her head. She was still fastened at ankles, thighs, waist, and wrists but could choose to look up or let her head hang down. Crouching down, he stroked her hair; with his hand on the back of her neck he looked deep into her eyes, saw the fire burning there inside her and pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him back, harder and harder until his fire was fully alight and his penis was aching with desire. Her mouth moved, he held out his hand to receive her saliva which he carefully applied to the head and shaft of his penis till it gleamed in the dim light. He moved away from her but she could follow him in the mirror. He reconnected the smaller dildo to its cable and inserted it into his own bottom. The other cable plugged into the vibrator at the base of his penis; it would press on her crack when he was engaged with her. From behind he parted her skirt and feasted his eyes on her magnificent rear, framed by the suspender belt and the tops of her stockings. The color had faded a bit. He caressed her cheeks gently and heard her sharp intake of breath. Taking hold of the handles, he pressed his penis against the opening to her vagina and was answered by a gentle buzz in his own bottom. “Just testing,” she said. He was a little hesitant to thrust straight into her as he felt twice normal size but now he could feel the vibrator at the base of his penis urging him inside.

He slid in as slowly as possible and felt her grip him firmly. He could go no further. He could not move. His knees were shaking. Now he could feel the vibrations from the vibrator pressing up on her clitoris from the support underneath her. Again he held himself as still as possible, thought of anything except the pressure building up inside him. He ached for release, fought to ignore all the waves rushing back and forth as she played with all the controls in turn. Sometimes all the sensation was centered on his bottom but he knew that everything was being transmitted through him and on up to her brain. She eased off on that one and now he could feel the ripples through her from her clitoris. Then everything was concentrated on the base of his penis. She had never felt so wet, so tight, so responsive. He moved and the orange light begged him to hold on for a bit longer. Desperately he cast about in his mind for a subject to focus his mind on, to distract him for a little bit longer. He squeezed down hard on his penis. He shut his eyes. He thought back over all the trouble he had taken to assemble his box; the legs, yes the legs had been the most difficult part to measure so as to put her in exactly the right position for him. He had allowed for the height of her favorite pair of shoes; had made sure that she knew what effect they had on him when he saw her wearing them; had taken no chances by making sure earlier today that they were the first pair she saw when she went to the wardrobe. The handlebars; now where had he got the handlebars from? Fortunately, his technical background had enabled him to solve the problem, the problem… just keep your mind on the job… of controlling several different outputs, he had to call them outputs because just then the vibrators were creating a real frenzy between and within them both, outputs… variable voltage… rheostats…anything to give him a bit more endurance in the face of this battering of his senses.

Then she came, wave after wave of contractions gripped at his penis. He hung on, not quite exhausted by the effort of all his self-control. He had set himself this most severe test of his own powers of concentration; was determined to bring the whole adventure to an even greater climax. She shuddered and all the vibrations ceased. He relaxed and reached round to withdraw the vibrator carefully out of his bottom. He dropped it on the floor. He unplugged the other cable. He opened his eyes. She was looking at him in the mirror with a wonderful smile on her face.

For only the second time since they had set out on this journey into the unknown (how long ago was it that they had got up from the supper table?) she spoke to him; favorite words, worn with much use and polished with much loving. Now she was encouraging him to take his reward for all that he had done for her; yes, just now she wanted him, wanted him as much as she had ever wanted him, even when they were busy making babies with all the abandon of their first few months together. He was still hard; he grew harder. He stared at her back, her beautiful back, the black silk softly billowing about her shoulders, the broad leather belt around her waist, her full hips, her smooth bottom still bearing the glow of its earlier treatment. Her head hung down, all her hair had fallen forward. It seemed to him that he was standing up against the tip of an even larger penis tightly sheathed in the sort of harness she sometimes put on him when she was taking her turn to dominate him. It pointed straight at him and he was buried deep inside. He stirred and now she urged him on. The vibrators were quiet and it was just the two of them together. He pulled back until he was almost out of her, moved slowly, oh how slowly back in and up, up, up, past all the mysterious folds and ridges that felt different every time. This was an experience at once new and fresh and wonderfully familiar. He kept this up for a few more strokes, could feel the tension inside her, then they both took a deep breath, was it the last breath he would ever need? Now there was no restraint, he abandoned himself to pumping as hard as he could, slapping his belly hard against her rear; his balls swung forward with each thrust, brushing the soft parts of her thighs and making her gasp again. As the noise built up the structure stayed firmly in place. He changed his grip to her shoulders, pulling himself deep into her; rejoicing to change the feel of the leather he had been grasping for the smoothness of the silk. She held on, gripped with all her fingers and toes, locked her knees in place, riding his shaft, timing the squeezes of her pelvic muscles. “Yes, yes, yes,” she shouted and at the third “yes” he exploded deep inside her; all his pent up passion squirting straight at her cervix, drenching her in his cum. Another spasm took him and another and was answered this time by her biggest orgasm of the evening. He collapsed, sprawled over her back, gasping for breath, his heart pumping furiously.

How long did they stand there in their half embrace? Now it was important to release her completely, as quickly as possible, to take her in his arms and make love to her with his whole body and mind and to let her unwind into the peace and contentment of their shared support and care for each other. He trod on a little lever near the base of one leg and all the straps fell away: she shook her hands-free of the mitts. He stroked her back through the gown, gently lifted her and turned her round, away from the structure, towards him. He kissed her lightly. She kicked off her shoes and clung to him, fitting perfectly into his shoulder and this time there was a very different look in her eyes. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, laid her down gently and untied her gown, smiling as he remembered watching her as she had tied the knot. How far had they traveled since then? She sat up to remove her stockings while he went around blowing out the candles. He climbed in beside her and she curled up in his arms.

As he lay there he realized that this moment was unique; it could never be repeated. All the time and effort he had put into making his present for her was satisfied in this embrace and was complete. They would never need the box and all the tricks inside it again.

by Rhaz
Treat Them Well...
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Treat Them Well...

Here’s to the girls that love to be barefoot in the rain…
Treat them well
They may seem rough and tumble
Fiercely independent and wild spirited
But they are fragile at heart and need much tenderness
And firm embraces when the storms come, and they’ll come
They like pretty things, draw girly hearts on letters and dance in cotton dresses
They need passion, need even more to fuel your passion
Their fires burn beneath the winsome smiles and sterling eyes
They beg for the crush of your body, the heft of you, musk and firm hands
They have soft centers and tangy nectar that will lure you to your undoing
Like sirens on the shore on hot summer nights, you’ll be drawn to them
They curl up like kittens on your chest, leaving blankets behind
So you can always see the fineness of their delicate body on you
Unkempt they are still porcelain and Jasmine sleeping
Awake they are vanilla and lace, all wrapped up in your loving embrace
Treat them well

— Original writing © ThePoeticSir 2015
30 Rules For A Modern Gentleman...
Posted:Jun 23, 2017 9:35 am
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30 Rules For A Modern Gentleman...

1. Be gentle to the fairer sex, it’s in the name.
2. Dress well no matter the occasion.
3. Pride is dangerous, be careful.
4. Be humble, be grateful
5. Opening the door or giving up a seat for a lady isn’t up
for discussion.
6. Work hard, that is if you want to own anything worth having
7. Starting / instigating a fight is for school boys, but men obtain the power to end one.
8. Ignorance isn’t bliss, knowledge is power.
9. Suit up (make sure they’re tailored to fit)
10. Confidence is a gentleman’s trademark.
11. Comfort zones are for the weak, men aren’t weak.
12. Foul language is for the less educated.
13. Make eye contact and mean business.
14. Lower your standards for no one.
15. Being romantic doesn’t make you a woman.
16. Stay groomed.
17. Admit when you’re wrong
18. Always make the first move, you’re the MAN
19. Handwritten “Thank you” cards aren’t outdated. Use them.
20. Chivalry is not dead, there are just too many boys.
21. It is said you can tell a lot about a man through his handshake, so make it strong and firm.
22. Leave her breathless
23. Judge no one, just improve yourself.
24. Speak your mind, don’t hesitate.
25. Offer your arm to a lady while walking, they’ll feel secure.
26. You’re the man, you pay.
27. Women love compliments, gentlemen provide them.
28. Never wear your hat indoors, it’s disrespectful.
29. Make sure everyone has their plate before you start eating.
30. We don’t always have to be the center of attention, but we are always noticed. It is our signature as gentlemen to come, make a statement, leave, and be remembered.

~Library for Kinksters
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You Learn...
Posted:Jun 22, 2017 7:06 am
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You Learn...

As you grow up, you will learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

— Unknown
Safety when looking for a Potential Dom/me
Posted:Jun 22, 2017 1:53 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2017 9:04 pm
Safety when looking for a Potential Dom/me

For subs, looking for a potential Dom/me can be a minefield of traps, pitfalls, abusers, users, fakes, and cheaters. So how do you best prepare yourself when you think you have found someone that you could see yourself submitting to? There are many things that you can do, that any Dom/me with nothing to hide, would be happy to know you are doing. here is a list of things that I would suggest to any sub in this situation…

1. get to know the person first from a distance without ANY mention of D/s or sexual play. This can be done in days, weeks or months… However long it takes you to feel comfortable moving to the next step.

2. Ask LOTS of questions. Ask your potential Dom/me about past relationships, both D/s and vanilla. How many have they had? How did they end? Are they still friends with their ex’s? Would their ex’s be happy for you to talk to them and ask about their relationship? Have they ever had a sexually transmitted disease? Do they have children? All these questions will give you a general idea on the type of person your potential Dom/me is. Watch out for red flags such as avoidance of questions, large numbers of relationships that ended badly, unwillingness to take the time to let you get comfortable with who they are etc…

3. Ask general questions about their past and who they are. Do they have a criminal record? Do they use drugs? Are they big drinkers? Do they smoke? What is their financial situation? Do they work? if not, then why? Ask them to describe themselves and compare that to what your gut tells you from what you have learned so far about them.

4. Find out if they are part of any D/s communities, online or in real life. Would they let you become part of that community and talk to others that have been around them for longer?

5. Ask them what they are looking for in a sub, what their kinks/fetishes are (Do NOT volunteer yours until they give you theirs), Are they looking for an online dynamic or something that could be real life? Ask what their opinions are on punishments, discipline, personal growth, what types of D/s dynamics interest them most, what does being a Dominant mean to them, what does submission mean to them, what do they want/need from a sub, are they physically able to protect you if needed… Ask anything you can think of that you think will make you feel more comfortable.

6. Ask them if they would be willing to supply you with a criminal background check from the police. Take a sexual health physically and supply you with the doctor's report.

7. Once you feel comfortable with all the responses you have received from asking all the above questions, then you may feel more at ease about opening up about yourself. What you want/need from a D/s dynamic, your past experiences, your hopes & fears, your kinks/fetishes etc…

Now, I am not saying that anyone with a criminal record or has caught a sexually transmitted disease, or has had relationships that have ended badly, or doesn’t have a job, or little money are not worthy of being your Dom/me. But you have to use your common sense here… look at the circumstances. be particularly wary of criminal convictions for assault, sexual crimes (Obviously), drug abuse/dealing, Domestic abuse, avoidance of Child Maintenance payments etc… The point is that you have all the information you need up front to make an informed decision about letting someone into your life in such an intimate way.

Once your are comfortable with it all so far, and have begun opening up about yourself, and you want to move into the D/s side of things, then it’s time for you to think about what you want from negotiations.

Think very carefully about what you really want/need, understand that you can compromise, but NEVER be willing to sell out who you are as a person, your core beliefs etc… At this point, you may find out that although you seemed to be compatible on the surface, in fact you are looking for completely different things. And that’s ok. No harm no foul. If you have both been honest, then this is the where you would both understand your own wants/needs will not be fulfilled by this person, and part company.

If you are able to negotiate the terms of a dynamic that you want and are happy with them, then stick to them. Do not let the Dom/me try to constantly renegotiate the terms based on his/her wants in a particular situation. Make an agreement that you can both renegotiate maybe once every 6 months, or once a year. This is important because people change, their wants/needs change, and renegotiations allow you both to take those changes into consideration.

I hope you can see why honesty & trust are so highly regarded virtues within a D/s Dynamic. Without these, then how can possibly hope to have a successful relationship with anyone? More so in a D/s dynamic where you may be allowing your Dom/me to pretty much have your life in their hands when it comes to edge play/impact play etc…

A good strong foundation built on trust, respect and mutual fidelity, will ensure that your Dynamic has the best possible chance of success. You as a sub, must ALWAYS feel safe, free enough to talk openly to your Dom/me about any concerns you may have with them, or a situation. Always be watchful for red flags such as an overly sensitive Dom/me that takes any of your concerns as personal attacks. Or seems to only be interested in listening to you when it suits them.

And always remember that YOU, the sub, has the power in the Dynamic. The only powers the Dom/me has are the ones that you have gifted to him/her. If you feel abused/used then take them back! Sub does not equate to being a doormat, please remember that.

I hope this post helps you as a sub, understand a little more about the things you can do to feel safer going into a new Dynamic, and the things you can do to make sure you are with someone that is in it for the right reasons, and not just for kinky sex, financial gain, or to satisfy their inner control freak.

~Dominant Life
Body image & BDSM...
Posted:Jun 20, 2017 3:56 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2017 7:56 am
Body image & BDSM...

Body image. It is something that we rarely talk about in the scene and yet, so many of us struggle with it. Are you someone who hesitates to strip down to nothing at that play party because you are plagued with a negative body image? Do you hold back in a scene because you are consumed with thoughts of how you look in a scene instead of being able to find joy and pleasure in your play? Or are you a Top who has a submissive who is having difficulty connecting with you because she is more of a slave to food and body obsession than to you?

It seems like there is a whole generation of us that grew up with body-hatred, feeling imperfect and not beautiful, no matter what we looked like. Too thin, too fat, too busty, too flat, too tall, too short, wide hips, no hips, too much ass, not enough. A never-ending litany of what is wrong with us physically, reinforced by images on television, in movies and in print that we could never hope to live up to; growing up understanding that how we look is the most important thing about us. And that it was never good enough.

The scene offers some wonderful things that the vanilla world does not. While we come from all walks of life, BDSMers all have a love for the alternative. We are not people who spend every Wednesday night engaged in military-style intercourse. We love passion, the power exchange, and the magic of sexual self-expression. This attitude translates, generally speaking, into a more open-minded attitude toward size, not to mention age, gender, race, and orientation.

Unlike our vanilla friends who rarely see large naked bodies, we have many opportunities through play parties and demos to look at, get used to, and eventually admire the soft curves of fat people. It is at first astounding, and then liberating to see a large man or woman walk around a play party stark naked, proud of their body, fully loved. It’s hard not to like someone who likes herself so much.

I discovered with time and support from my Padrone that my body, with its ability to do all these things we do, to transform pleasure into pain, to bend and twist and tolerate being bound, to find pleasure in all this, was an asset. He always looks at me appreciatively, and, suddenly, I wasn’t invisible. I was fulfilling one of the most fundamental cores that I had been raised to believe was the most important thing in being female—being attractive to men—and I reveled in it. From the time He took me on as his slave, I have not looked back. Sure, I have times I think or verbalize I wish this was different, this was smaller, or that not so saggy. He gives me ‘the look’ and I snap out of it really quick!

The thing about body issues is that everyone has them, women and men, thin and fat, you and me. If you want to get over self-criticism, here are some things you can try. Start by communicating with your body, using affirmations to find the beautiful parts of yourself, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Listen to what your body has to say, and respect your own path. This is the foundation of self-love. If you love yourself, loving your body will follow.

On the practical side, go to some play parties or other public situations where you will be able to observe people of all sizes and shapes enjoying themselves. Replace any critical thoughts in your head with positive ones about the beauty of their bodies, whether it be good skin, soft curves, great butt to spank, strong muscles, or wonderful handfuls of breasts. Talk to your friends about what beautiful thing you saw in this larger person. If it’s not a physical attribute, notice their courage for playing in public, their love of their own body, or their self-consciousness. For the female Dominant, size can be an advantage, projecting a powerful physical presence which attracts Submissives. If you have this advantage, use it.

Developing a Healthy Body Image
- Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry.
- Be realistic about the size you are likely to be based on your genetic and environmental history.
- Exercise regularly in an enjoyable way, regardless of size.
- Expect normal weekly and monthly changes in weight and shape.
- Work towards self-acceptance and self-forgiveness- be gentle with yourself.
- Ask for support and encouragement from friends and family when life is stressful.
- Decide how you wish to spend your energy — pursuing the “perfect body image” or enjoying family, friends, school and, most importantly, life.

Think of the three A’s
Attention: Refers to listening for and responding to internal cues (i.e., hunger, satiety, fatigue).
Appreciation: Refers to appreciating the pleasures your body can provide.
Acceptance: Refers to accepting what is — instead of longing for what is not.

With time, support, and a lot of self-reflection, you too can become comfortable with and learn to love your body, no matter the shape.

© Michelle Fegatofi
10 Traits of a Blowjob Queen
Posted:Jun 19, 2017 6:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2017 9:47 am
10 Traits of a Blowjob Queen

1. Sucking his cock is something she finds just as natural as kissing her partner and she can’t have enough of it. Its her way of connecting with you. Whether it is a 15 minute blowjob before you get to work or a 4 hour long blowjob while you are watching TV in the evenings, its all a way of connecting and bonding with you and she loves it.

2. Time is not a factor for a blowjob queen. To her sucking cock is like poetry. It´s an art. Doing her performance is nurturing for her soul and her being and at the same time connecting with herself and with you.

3. She is always willing and eager to get better. She does her own research through books, guides, videos etc. to get better at sucking and pleasuring you. She is proud to be a pro cocksucker. In fact, she can even be embarrassed how much she enjoys it and will always try to cover it up by convincing you how much she wants it for you so you can stress down and enjoy her. If she is at all counting number of times or number of minutes/hours- it´s for her own improvement.

4. If you are not doing your part in this she might ask you- or become bratty to get your attention- she wants you to train her and let her work on you to get better. You are the teacher! This includes activities such overall performance, sensual touch, eye contact, deepthroating, ballsucking, rimming, massages etc.

5. If she finds herself bored, don't be surprised she will ask to suck your cock for having something to do. For her sucking your cock is just as natural as kissing and cuddling. She is good at nursing you and always is prepared for the task. She might even have her own knee pillows made if she knows how to do needlework. Don´t be surprised if she doesn’t want to stop sucking after your first ejaculation but want to continue for more.

6. She is attracted to both sides of the coin. One part of her is the slut; love being used, forced deep throated and mouth fucked, taken by surprise. The other part of her is the Goddess in her, with intense eye contact seducing all your senses, taking it forward slowly and sensually until you get a full body climax down her throat.

7. She is very fond of cum and some might even find themselves addicted to their daily amount of cum. If she is spiritually open she might find this a sacred spiritual act of vitality. The downside can sometimes be that it can become more about the cock and the cum than it is about you the partner. Make sure to focus on eye contact and presence with her during the cock sucking if this is the case. She will get better at combining the two.

8. There are two variants of attachment to the cock that is most typical for a blow job queen;

1- her attachment to cock is linked to your cock as the main center of pleasure- she will want only to suck your cock.
2- her attachment to cock goes to cock in general and she will not mind sucking anyone's cock as long as there is a connection with the man and she gets to have the cum.
9. She always swallows every drop and cleans up after herself. As little as possible bother for you and also making sure you are ready for a new round. Don’t be surprised if she is sucking you when you are not hard. She can be impatient. If you are away for a longer period of time she might ask you nicely not to empty yourself so that none of your cum goes anywhere else than to her mouth.

10. Depending on what you allow her to do (and if you want her to ask for permission before she is near you) you might find yourself in no need for an alarm clock anymore. She will easily wake you up in the morning by sucking your cock. Sometimes also during nights if she can’t sleep. Be consistent with what you allow her to do so you don’t loose your sleep.

~Dominant Life
Fall in love
Posted:Jun 18, 2017 6:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2017 5:58 pm
fall In Love

Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love

I never thought I would say this, but I am in love. I feel it from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes.This Man has me spinning and I've never been happier.Love has a way of doing that to you.


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