MouseB 47F  
103 posts
6/19/2017 4:07 am

So many lovely guys up for chatting tonight and Ive never seen IMs playing up this badly...freezing,shutting down and driving me up the wall.I hope people dont think Im being rude..its just a bad night for technology..which reminds me...gotta go recharge those batteries .....again

eremcu 55M
619 posts
6/19/2017 8:09 am

Was it your phone or was it this site ?

Dreamcatcher__ 81M  
4411 posts
6/19/2017 8:28 am

Probably those pesky North Koreans sneaking into Woomera and testing their bombs.

14yearsoverdue 46F  
25 posts
6/19/2017 8:35 am

Nope, generally the site- I haafta agree- it does the same thing to me when i get on I M- this websites I M is probably the worst an they need to fix it. The so called upgrades are not upgrades but down grades... IMHO

Thank you for taking the time to read my journal entry.

MouseB 47F  
72 posts
6/21/2017 1:45 am

it was pretty awful,other people had problems too so must have been the site

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