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Art Thread
Posted:Jan 28, 2017 10:33 am
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2017 7:09 am
Pinning this to the top of my blog so we can have an ongoing thread about art.

No rules, per se –
I only ask that you read what is written before commenting. Try to use information such as the title or the artists name when responding (so if the thread gets busy, we will know what others are talking about).

It also will help if a WIP (work in progress) is posted.

If posting/sharing art – do not do more than one at a time so others can have a chance to comment/discuss before moving on to the next. (look at me – all positive it will be a busy thread…)

I might occasionally change this cover photo.
For now – my painting ‘Nevertheless’ 42x60” oil on panel
the hoods are off
Posted:Aug 13, 2017 9:41 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2017 9:41 pm

The Right is looking at the results of their hate mongering today in Charlottesville while gasping in disbelief.

"We didn't cause this! This isn't what we wanted!" they all exclaim.

When you fought to control women through reproductive abuse, you caused this.

When you fought to instill your brand of religious terrorism as law, you caused this.

When you denied well researched and scientifically proven facts, you caused this.

When you stayed silent in the face of continued illegal redlining, you caused this.

When you denied the facts showing a wage gap exists, you caused this.

When you allowed a hoodie to be a sign of guilt and a reason to enact deadly force, you caused this.

When you elected officials who enacted egregious legislation that laid the bulk of the country's taxes on the poor and middle class while ceding numerous tax breaks to the wealthy, you caused this.

When you said All Lives Matter, you caused this.

When you denied or repealed laws for safe, sane gun safety, you caused this.

When you fought to keep people in love from marrying each other, you caused this.

When you looked the other way as the NFL signed wife beaters and dog fighters yet left a peaceful protester in the cold, you caused this.

When you myopically focused only on emails that were proven time and again to be a nonissue, you caused this.

When you put on that red hat, you caused this.

When you chanted "lock her up," you caused this.

When you decided grabbing pussies was a presidential act, you caused this.

When you laughed as a man called for interference in our election process, you caused this.

When you ignored the disabled and the families of those who died for your rights being mocked, you caused this.

When you decided "anyone but her" was guiding you in the voting booth, you caused this.

When you canonized a man who has nothing but bankruptcies, broken marriages, and failing resorts to his name because he's white and has a penis, you caused this.

When you vilified a public servant who's worked for nearly three decades for people in need, you caused this.

When you voted for a man who is in no way qualified to lead a sing-a-long, much less a country, you caused this.

You caused this when you put party over country and this DOES represent you. This represents every dirty, nasty, self-centered thing about you.

When the historians look back on this era in America, they will not look on you kindly. You will be seen for the villains you are, rather than the victims you see yourself to be.

THIS is who you are.

– Brenay Brock, Normal In This House
It's not a tumor
Posted:Aug 11, 2017 3:52 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2017 9:24 am
I don’t have anything interesting.
Summer. It’s been really good.

I could bitch about my mother-issues, but nah.
I am trying to teach myself to let go quicker.

On a more fun note…
Or shameful, however you look at it.
We found the rope swing. I took the shirt off. I looked at the small cliff and the 10 feet I’d have to swing out before it was safe to drop. I looked at him, who was telling me not to. I was wondering if I could hold my body weight up because when have I done that in the last 8 years since the last rope swing? Broken back or neck was a real possibility.

So, I chickened out.
I decided to live unharmed to play another day.
And I have decided I need to start doing pull ups.
Because I will be damned if I am never going on a rope swing again.
That would be admitting defeat….or something.

He will be heading back to work in less than 2 weeks.
I will miss him, of course. But I am also ready to get working.
Uninterrupted long swatches of time to think & create. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
And days on my schedule. There is a rush to get all the fun in during the limited summer time when he is free. Weekends are not guaranteed free once he is back. I admit to being a bit on the tired side.

Apparently, I love my cat enough. Started shots today.
I would mainline Zyrtec right now if I could.

I got a pedicure yesterday. My feet are lovely and we are heading out to a jazz club that looks like an old speakeasy tonight. Life is good.

There is a big lump though. A second doc will look at it on the 21st – hopefully will be able to ultrasound it that day. I’m not terribly worried, but it is weird (and in a weird place) and it will be nice to know it is nothing.

I hope all you kinksters are well. I need to catch up on blogs.
that chubby 13-year-old has nothing on me
Posted:Jul 25, 2017 11:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2017 10:27 pm
For anyone who has ever taken a ‘sexy waterfall’ photo – kudos to you.
As for us, we laughed so hard when we got our water camera photos back.
It was a big waterfall. So the water falling was falling…hard.
The facial expressions were painful-looking.
We look anguished, uncomfortable and just awkward.
Each photo showed a funnier facial expression…like you might see on someone being water boarded.
No modeling in our future….unless it is for ‘awkward family vacation photos’

There was one the slave took from fairly far away.
I had been helped up onto a ‘seat’ of rocks by our guide.
Hard hard water falling there.
He had just given up on trying to help a chubby teen boy up there (the kid cried).
I got to the seat and proceeded to throw my arms out wide…’yay, I made it!’
I was feeling proud I managed something the 13-year-old could not.
We got the film back and I can see that the guide had his arm out across my stomach…making sure I did not fall, I assume. I didn’t notice at the time.
(apparently, not being trusted on wet rocks has been a thing before my fall last week)

On that climb back up the trail, one woman fell and broke her nose. On the way down, one fell and was saved from a 100 foot drop by a tiny little rope.

That rope swing was the one used by Harrison Ford in the first Indiana Jones movie (right up until recently, you could jump off it – our guide was responsible for messing that up for everyone). And the mountains right above it is where they filmed the opening with the helicopters for MASH.

That was our first time in a 2-person kayak. I was difficult, so he says (who is not surprised)?. Like past dancing lessons, this white girl lacks some basic rhythm. And, I go hard on the left, making us steer right – so he spent a considerable amount of time correcting our course.

I would start to get paranoid about all these things I am not good at, but…fuck it. I can paint like a mad, have fun hair, and am good at bossing people around for my pleasure….soooooo….it’s all good.
It’s all about knowing your strengths.

Oh – AND I have been successful at growing things this year. Queen!
I made my fist homemade pesto from my own basil last week.
I feel like a regular hippie-earth-mother, I tell you.

what I look like giving a bj
Posted:Jul 23, 2017 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2017 6:53 am
Have you ever wonder what I look like giving a BJ?
Yeah, me neither.
But, I imagine it is something like this.
I kind of want to tie him up, leave the room...return with snorkling gear on my face and proceed to suck his cock.
The question is, would be laugh or be able to stay hard? Both?
Payment was due
Posted:Jul 21, 2017 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2017 7:46 am
You know, for having a great vacation.

There was the tree branch that hit the windshield during a storm – while he was driving. How he didn’t go off the road, I have no idea.

The 4-hour traffic jam because of a tree down that he got stuck in. Almost out of gas. In 90-degree heat…with no AC. And no open windows since it was down-pouring and lightening.

There was the mild food poisoning he got the next day.

There was my allergy testing – verdict being I am allergic to my cat (now just to decide if I love him enough to get 3 years of shots since I can not take any more sinus issues).

There was the built-in microwave that broke, so we ordered another and struggled to put it in. Much cursing ensued.

The giant delivery truck for said microwave ran over a concrete/reflector thing the neighbor old-man made (to keep delivery trucks from going into the ditch and eroding the gravel driveway). It is apparently the second time this has happened and he sent a rude ass text to us. He pitched an old-man-fit. He has complained passive aggressively since we moved in about all the deliveries. (we share a long gravel driveway). Suck it up old-timer, this is my business and deliveries aren’t going to stop. We are attempting to make a couple concrete-reflector things to replace the ones he made (of course they are homemade, he has a full carpentry workshop and we do not, so great). The concrete mix I used is not drying in the holes. Three days now. I think I used the wrong stuff.

Now for the icing….
We decided to head to a nearby beach in the mountains yesterday. I’ve painted 12 plus hours a day since we got back, so yes, this will be fun. But first - a couple hours on rocks at a river near the beach. I love that area and haven’t gotten to go rock-to-rock like I love. I was excited. It was fun as hell. There is a name for it: the exploring a river by wading and jumping/climbing rocks (but I can not remember it). It makes me sentimental about my childhood and NH.
It is just my thing. A gurgling river and rocks. Heaven.

Until I noticed him following so close to me and looking a bit stressed. He had quietly told me to be careful several times. I gave him a ‘you-are-such-an-old-lady’ look and leaped to the next rock. I eventually took pity on him and decided to take his help getting out, thereby letting him relax and enjoy his day. I was now in 2 inches of water, at the edge – he had just helped me up and we were heading out. Just as he turned away from me, I slipped on a rock and went down. My face right onto the rocks. I didn’t know what was going on, but damn…and he was yelling to lift my face and apparently it was a sheet of blood and it was dripping off my chin.

My first thought was: ‘oh great, I will never hear the end of this’. He ruined a shirt soaking up the blood and we stumbled off to find first aid. He thought I needed stitches. I had no clue because it didn’t really hurt yet. My prescription sunglasses were ruined with scratches, but they saved my eye and eye socket, I believe. The gash is just above an eyebrow. I was limping as my leg was bleeding and swelling as well as my wrist hurting.

No first aid in this tiny town. I just wanted a bathroom with a mirror so I could asses the damage…no luck. I stubbornly refused to leave, I am fine – I am not ruining our day at the beach! He finally convinced me that I could not go to the beach with several open wounds. He promised not to say ‘I told you so’. We traveled to our doctors back in our town (45 minutes away) who would not see me as they worried I had a concussion and told me to go to the ER. (No. The last time we did that for him and his bronchitis the bill was $1200 for an hour…and we have insurance)! We ended up at an urgent care clinic. I did not need stitches, but they glued my facial wound and cleaned up my leg. And gave me a Tetanus shot. Ruined day thanks to me.

One fun part. The cut started bleeding again while in the waiting room. He jumped up to get a paper towel. I waited until I felt it running down my face, then turned and smiled at 2 pre-teens. Huh. They got up and moved….lol

Side note:
(There was a wall with waves crashing over it on Waikiki Beach. There were kids running on it, so I hauled myself on it and sat. A wave knocked my ass over and I got a bit scratched up. He now likes to say: ‘remember the wall’ to try and get me to slow down whatever it is I am apparently (to his mind), recklessly doing. Unfortunately, a week after we left…some college football player who got drafted jumped off that same wall we were on and is now paralyzed)

I’ll live and may have a black eye to show for it. Whatever. I am not 20 anymore, but I am not old. Shit happens. Before getting out, I was a damn gazelle. I was having a blast. I have done this hundreds of times all over . And maybe only an occasional bump/bruise. I have also never broken a bone, so I can not be that clumsy.

He is finding new and interesting ways to say ‘I told you so’ without saying those exact words. I told him if he keeps it up I am going to wait until the black eye is good and evident, and then the next time we are out in public….I will cry. So people look at him like he is a monster. That shut him up for a moment....then he burst out laughing....I didn't do anything, I swear....

I left to run errands today and he told me to drive carefully. I gave him a look. I get that he cares & worries (it is very sweet and he loves me), but accidents do happen.
I’m not a danger to myself or others.

Well, maybe I am to him.
Either physically or because of his frayed's a toss up.

I regret nothing!
Next up is a rope swing I found at a nearby National Park.
And maybe I will see if I can find him some Xanex.
I’ll just throw one directly into his mouth before we get there.
vacation randomness
Posted:Jul 15, 2017 6:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2017 7:33 am
I do not like being ‘herded’ or waiting in long lines. Who does, right? Well, apparently a lot of people are willing to do this to see certain touristy things. Had it been my choice, I would have skipped much of it. I don’t know what is worth the herding for hours. It would have to be something pretty damn special.

Apparently, decontamination is the name of the game on cruise ships. Everywhere you go, there are employees standing around with spray bottles asking: ‘washy washy?’ I don’t know what bothered me more: the baby talk or the assumption that I am not already dousing myself in Purel because of all the people. If I had said ‘yes’ even half of the time, I am pretty sure I would not have fingerprints any longer.

Those all-you-can-eat buffets on the cruise ships are like watching pigs at a troth. And they push each other. What the hell? There is enough food there for months and it never closes…why push? What is wrong with people? (I gained 10 lbs, sooo…..I am not exempt from that pig comment).

I dig Elvis, even when sung by a cruddy lounge singer on a cruise ship. In a velvet jacket, no less.

They auction off crappy art in gilded frames on cruise ships. And apparently, people buy it. I must consider this. I shake my head, but my business side is thinking on this hard.

It’s been 2 years since I left Texas and that stifling heat & humidity. I have already grown unaccustomed to it. I shall never move to Hawaii, no matter how lovely. I want to enjoy the outdoors without melting.

Hawaii did no favors for my hair. I don’t know if it was the water or what. It wasn’t the humidity, I know how to deal with that when it comes to the curls.

My favorite things we did: snorkeling and kayaking down a river and hiking to a hidden glorious waterfall. My least favorite: Pearl Harbor (herding, lines and the military taking your bag…with the sunscreen in it), and the long ass bus ride to a dormant volcano. I loved the Polynesian Cultural Center. That was one long day though. Again, a bus ride/tour thing…so you were gone 12 hours. Forget about dressing pretty for the luau…I had melted into a puddle by then. That’s the real reason I wont post the photos of me with flowers in my hair…I looked like I had been dragged through the ringer by then (and had hat-hair). I love their culture of kindness and earth-friendliness though. And they do put on a jolly-good show. They really seem to objectify the men more than the women there. Nice.

Did you know that cruise ship employees work 6 months on without a day off? Then 6 weeks off. We got friendly with our cute cabin steward. I was horrified. How is that legal to not have a day off for 6 months? We had a battle of the towel-animals with her. She would leave a dog made out of towels on the bed and we would drunkenly google and leave her a towel-snail. Needless to say, she won.

I spent a lot of time watching for someone to break character. These people are so smiling and happy. All of them. I know, tourism is the business there, so it makes sense. But, come on! Someone has to be not all ecstatic with life every moment. After 10 days and so many interactions – I caught out one cleaning person who couldn’t smile if her life depended on it (I don’t blame her, she must have been at the end of her 6 months) and one Asian taxi driver who wanted to argue politics about how Muslims are all dangerous (and he kept waving his arm in the FIL’s face…way to work that tip). That’s it – the other 2000 islanders and cruise ship employees we came into contact with were all chipper and extremely happy.

Does every ship have a Titanic-like grand staircase? We got snazzily-dressed the last night and took photos standing there. I was trying to get everyone to pose as if the ship was sinking. Screaming faces and grabbing the banister-like. So there they all are looking dressed-up and stiff….and there I am with my mouth wide open in a laugh. Nice photos….lol….(and proof that I am not single or I would not post that).

People. It was 10 days around so so many people, (13 days if you include when the PIL arrived). I literally did not spend one minute alone the entire time. I am not used to that. The husband is not as bad as I am, but he is similar. We arrived home and went to separate ends of the house for a good amount of time. ‘Love you, BYE!’ (that is still holding…this post is what I am doing on a Saturday night as he is asleep already).
That is not to say we did not re-connect later in the week in a very very sexy manner. Ahhh….no one in a room next door…finally. Yay!

I made a deal for the sale of 30 paintings (the alias work) when I was on vacation. I sat on the deck of the ship and did the invoicing/emails for it.
It felt a tad surreal. I felt like a fancy-ass big-wheeler-and-dealer. We wanted to make a video of us dancing to that song 'I'm on a motherfucking boat!' I am really kind of sad we did not.

(putting photos in the comments)

Did you know?
Posted:Jul 15, 2017 9:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2017 5:32 am
There are no snakes in Hawaii.
No squirrels, raccoons nor chipmunks either.
You can hike through the jungle there and smell rotting vegetation, yet there is nothing there that will kill you.
There are no seagulls either.

down time
Posted:Jul 14, 2017 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2017 10:29 pm
There was not a lot of down-time to relax during our vacation.
The PIL do trips to…DO things. They have a checklist of things to see & do and they power through it all. There was not a lot of time to…savor.
The activities…wow….we are still tired and sore.
This was a moment though. There was booze involved and the Na Pali coast going by.
I am grateful and glad for all the activities (helicopter, snorkeling, kayaking, etc) – but if we were to ever go back….I want to sit and savor.
Perhaps on a secluded beach.
It was awesome!
Posted:Jul 11, 2017 1:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2017 7:41 pm
OK, that was awesome.
(although, I saw no dolphins)
Snorkling is hugely fun - I have no idea why I was worried.
I got flowers in my hair.
There are no 1-hour photo places anymore - so it may be 2 weeks before I get the disposable water cameras back developed.
I tried to bring home a souvenir, but he didn't fit in the carry-on....

I have much to share, but of course there is the price to so much work to catch up on. And I am dizzy. No idea why, but it has been 3 days now. I am at risk of falling over all day long...very weird.

I'll be back to share at some point - I hope all you kinkster friends are well!

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