MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 9:35 am
I can and will do better

This is the time I need to be the most careful.
I can see the finish, so the tendency is to rush it.
To call it done, before it is.
There is still…I don’t know…how long, but more to do.
The blonde critical woman’s hair, and her pointing arm.
Her neck needs softening…too sharp.
The ‘mansplainer’ on the far right – his arm closest to us.
And the background.
Am I happy with that? It was my first instinct, does it say what I want?
And how about the green shirt, it was done in one pass…that is unusual, does it need another layer?
My middle figure – still has a slight under bite look to the mouth, which is not accurate, but …does it bother me? Not really.

I am thankful. My mother has gone back for 3 weeks.
It is quiet and I have made no plans.
I am immersed.
The slave keeps whispering that he misses me.
More to do with his summer break coming up, I think.
He is anxious to get to our time.
But it may be partially that I am in my head and studio at the moment.

No, do not rush. You are so close, but if you rush…you will regret it.
Get every last inch just the way you want. Because if you do not, for years you will beat yourself up over it. Make it perfect. You can do this. Relax, there is no hurry.
Enjoy the process – the ending will come.

When designing this painting – I thought….huh, my masterpiece!
This has happened before. An idea I am so excited about.
And it is good. But, it will not be my masterpiece. That also has happened before. The disappointment. It is good, but it is not the amazing knock-your-socks-off painting I thought it would be. Or maybe it will be to someone, but not to me. I am proud of it, do not get me wrong. But this close to the finish, I know I can do better. And in the end, that is a good thing. I can do more. I can do better. I will come up with better ideas. I will keep reaching.

If I ever finish a painting and think ‘that’s it, that is the best I can do’….well, suffice it to say I hope that day never comes.

jaykay48 69M
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5/25/2017 11:45 am

I work on my stories this way. I go back numerous times, sometimes just to rework a single sentence, sometimes to fill out a character with more telling behavior in a certain circumstance.

I never thought of that being done with a painting.

Until now.

Of course.

MistressKimm replies on 5/25/2017 6:28 pm:
It sounds exactly the same.
I've finished it, except for the signature...just in case I need to re-work something...lol

sub_nouveau 48F  
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5/25/2017 1:22 pm

Thank you for sharing your thought process Mistress Kim. Its fascinating how we tune into our internal voice; perform self-coaching; and demonstrate our understanding of self.

Let's talk. It's how we learn about yesterday and comprehend today.

MistressKimm replies on 5/25/2017 6:28 pm:

Dreamcatcher__ 81M  
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5/25/2017 3:24 pm

It's amazing how easily I can see what you're driving at when you explain it the way you do. The middle figure may not be accurate, but her mouth fits exactly what she is thinking, as does the rest of her face. I gather you want the figure on the right to be even more irritatingly condescending.
Go for it! The only problem I see with the neck on the woman on the left is that the light is so bright that it loses definition.

If you hadn't pointed these things out, however, I doubt I would have found them on my own. It's a lovely work. Bravissima!

MistressKimm replies on 5/25/2017 6:29 pm:
ha - the guy on the far right is condescending enough, thank you...lol. It was his arms I needed to work on.

thank you!

Justintime92 54M
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5/25/2017 3:45 pm

Very good. Artistic creation, I believe. More please.

MistressKimm replies on 5/25/2017 6:29 pm:
Thank you.
There is a lot of art in the 'art thread' pinned to the top of the blog.

rebel_luey 50F  
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5/25/2017 5:37 pm

Wow it is like a modern day Caravaggio reminds me of his Supper at Emmaus. Yet completely different and totally unique to you. Thank you for sharing it is a beautiful painting

"We're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan"
Nick Cave

MistressKimm replies on 5/25/2017 6:31 pm:
Thank you, kindly

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 5:50 pm

and here it is done....except the signature.

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:32 pm

a detail......

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:32 pm

another detail.....

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:33 pm

and yet another....

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:33 pm

and still another....

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:34 pm

and that's enough...lol

MistressKimm 49F  
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5/25/2017 6:35 pm

ohwait...one more, now I'm done

alt5250 53M
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5/25/2017 8:51 pm

I am (again) simply amazed at your skill.... yes a true artist sweating the details. I too love the way you do your explanations to us.

How do you settle the argument with yourself as to what is -done-? And....if major do you then give yourself time off or dive into several of the others you have on the go.

Sorry just fascinated with the process...

MistressKimm replies on 5/26/2017 8:32 am:
Deciding when it is 'done' is a tough one. Almost always, I call it done, then study the photos of the painting on my computer. If some part keeps bugging me, I go back to it. When that stops happening....it is done and allowed to dry. Nothing is completely done until I varnish it, months after the last paint is put on.

I generally dive into another painting to avoid the disappointment (just like what you feel when a good book ends).

sophis_id 54F
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5/26/2017 2:43 pm

I find the artwork interesting but the process by which you decide to do certain things is utterly fascinating.....I'm quite envious of an artists vision in that regard. You....can see things that ordinary people cannot. I can only interpret that, admire it....so thank you for sharing. I like her smile the best.

Inner Fucking Peace: watch?v=92i5m3tV5XY

MistressKimm replies on 5/29/2017 3:32 pm:
Thank you!
I think seeing the details that need to be done better is a learned skill. I've literally yapped about it to my kids and partners so much that eventually they become good at pointing out areas that maybe need work still when Im working. M is particularly skilled at it as he is artistic as well (excellent drawing skills - he wanted to be a political cartoonist when younger).

I'm glad you like the smile!

shiloh338 66F  
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6/9/2017 5:38 pm

I don't know if i have commented on your blog before or not. I have been reading it for several months, but am kinda shy and don't think anyone will care what i think. However, i did want to let you know that i so enjoy what you write and what you paint. I look forward to reading your entries.

MistressKimm replies on 6/11/2017 9:14 pm:
That is very sweet, thank you
And don't be shy, (unless you prefer it that way) - for the most part it is pretty friendly around here.

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